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He eats to nourish his body.
He HPS detox cleanses to keep his body clean. He's living an HPS path.

He's done over 200 days of
HPS guided colon cleansing!
Read him to learn about
our 7 Day Wonder program!



David_T, Age 43, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 1 cleansing, Testimonial- Powerful. I didn’t do this program for the purpose of loosing weight – I did however loose 25 pounds and continue to loose weight seemingly effortlessly now.

Kristin_K, Age 25, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 3 cleanse. Testimonial - Lost 40lbs feel great!

Julee_T, Age 43, ADVANCED CLEANSING, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 2, Testimonial: A New Life.... I am in a size 12 from a size 18. I am 43 and am mistaken often for someone in my early thirties. I no longer suffer from IBS or GERD


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Jos-hua at age 53


I'm Jos-hua, the HPS medicine man. I'm the founder of the guided interactive 7 Day Wonder™ program and the website.

As you can see from the above picture, I have a lot on my mind ... we can get into it all when you do this 7 Day Wonder program.

What can you expect to happen to your body and health by walking the HPS 7 Day Wonder colon cleansing, detox and renewal path?

The HPS 7 Day Wonder is about you imposing your will on your body.

Say goodbye to all the below, and a lot more too...

Acid reflux Dandruff Menstruation pains
Acne Depression Migraines/ headaches
Allergies Digestive problems Mood swings/ emotional outbursts
Arthritis Fatigue Osteoporosis
Asthma Fibromyalgia Pain (chronic or acute)
Bad foul breath Flatulence/ gas Parasites/ worms
Bleeding gums Hay fever Partial or anemic healing
Blood pressure issues Hemorrhoids Psoriasis
Body odor Herpes Reproductive problems
Boils Hormonal imbalances Sexual issues
Bulging abdomen Hot flashes Sinus issues
Candida IBS Skin issues
Carpal tunnel syndrome Immunity problems Smoking
Cardio vascular issues Insomnia, sleep issues Stress
Chronic illnesses Inflamed tendons/ joint pain Ulcers- mouth, stomach, skin
Cholesterol issues Liver problems Weight problems
Colds / flu every year Lymph problems Wrinkles
Constipation/ irregularity
Lower shoulder/ lower back pain Yeast infections/ urinary tract infections

Add to all the above brain fog, compulsive disorders, anemic healing from injuries, anemic healing after surgery, loss of smell sense, breathing and respiratory difficulties, fading concentration, memory loss, hair loss, breaking nails, muscle spasms, internal and external skin funguses, swelling and inflammations, eye twitching, graying, ageing, addictions, cravings, a sweet tooth, a pot belly, wet balmy hands, foot odor, sleep sweats, excessive sweating when exercising, aches, confusion and anxiety about your life, etc.. Gosh, the list is so long!

The lot more also pertains to prevention- think heart attacks, strokes, MS, dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer, weak immunity, and all the other THINGS in the basket of painfully and financially horrible life threatening diseases.

Make all the noise you want, buy all the detox and cleansing supplements, diets, healthy food and exercise equipment in the world but until you actually do something intelligent, structured and proven, nothing really changes in a sustainable manner.

Here you are going to experience health beyond your wildest expectations.


William_C, Age 49, 7DW Level 1 cleansing. Testimonial - I now control my health



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