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When choosing a cleanse best suited for you, make sure it's a flexible one.

If it is too strenuous that isn't good; if its too 'lite' the results aren't forthcoming.

Your health gears up and gears down during and after your cleansing.

Making sure your program is able to 'gear-up' and 'gear-down' according to your personal circumstances is a wise approach.




HPS-online guided cleansing

It's easier and less costly to stay well than to get well.
Start some HPS 7DW guided cleansing today!

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Want to lose some weight?

Is your waistline getting bigger every year, and no exercise seems to permanently help?

Digestion problems... are ulcers, gas, bloating or belching a problem for you?

How about indigestion or acid reflux?

Food allergies?

Do you suffer from constipation? Less than one bowel movement (BM) per day, everyday?

Have, or do you suffer from acne?

Respiratory allergies?


Were you told that you have chronic illness and that there is nothing you can do about it?

Fed up being tired, sluggish, or sleepy?

Fed up having to nap frequently?

Have you been experiencing lower back pain?

How about stabbing stomach pain?

Has bad breath become a problem for you?

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth?

Do you need to use underarm deodorant?

Does your body sometimes smell bad?

Are you experiencing facial cold sores and/or genital herpes simplex attacks ?

Do you experience frequent headaches?

Are you fed up with the way you look?

Are you fed up with the trajectory of your life? 

Do you have bags under your eyes?

 Does someone in your family have bags under their eyes, or dark black circles under their eyes?

Is your life full of emotional turmoil, too much change or confusion?

Can't stop smoking?

Are you aging to quickly for your own satisfaction?

Want to slow it down a bit?

If  any of the above holds true for you...read on ...

Benefits gained from the HPS 7 Day wonder (7DW) online guided cleansing and body rebirthing programs ...

  • Super more energy.

  • Headaches are gone.

  • Chronic fatigue flu symptoms like aching, low grade fever, tiredness, sleepiness, and heaviness are gone.

  • Chronic illness substantially regressed or totally disappeared.

  • Allergies gone, sneezing and watery eyes stop within a couple of days after starting the cleanse.

  • Stabbing colon and/or stomach pain disappeared.

  • Lower back pains and kidney pains disappeared.

  • Having two or more bowel movements per day. (prior had 2 a week!)

  • Quit smoking during the cleanse and experience no urge.

  • Quit drinking coffee during the cleanse and experience no urge.

  • Better skin, more smooth and moist, and pores are unclogged.

  • Less frequent outbreaks of herpes, or or total disappearance of problem.

  • Less frequent cases of bloody hemorrhoids, or total disappearance of hemorrhoid problem.

  • Cramps and bruises on legs are gone.

  • Varicose veins are more than half gone.

  • No more gas or bloated stomach.

  • No more bad breath.

  • No more bloody gums when brushing teeth, or visiting dentist for annual checkups.

  • Back problems eliminated or reduced considerably.

  • Disappearance of lumps.

  • Disappearance of joint pains.

  • Blood pressure resumes to normal.

  • Can start doing aerobic without feeling tired, and can do 20 minutes of floor exercise continuously without back pain or stomach cramp.

  • Slimming- stomach became flatter, and lost inches off waist line

  • Relief from constipation problems.

  • Less body odor, less sweating when walking or exercising, less cold sweaty hands and feet.

  • Less muscle pain/cramps when exercising.

Feel as light as a feather, feel buoyant, feel like you are dancing with life, daily.

True testimonials.


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It's easier and less costly to stay well than to get well.





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