Great health is a culture...

My guess is you never thought about it as a culture before. A philosophy, a lifestyle, a path, a mentality and an attitude.

Great health has a different type of focus. Skillfulness is imperative. Slow and steady is the mantra in this culture.

Great health is not a pill, a diet, a protocol, a piece of equipment or an exercise routine.

Cultures aren't created by reading about them or studying them... they're created by living them.

We're going to help you live this culture of "great health."

And yes of course this requires some effort from you...but please be aware that over time effort becomes effortless as you become more familiar and proficient in this culture.

Online since 1996.

You have no idea how every inch of ground of great health that our clients and myself stand on, how hard we worked for it and fought for it.

But, we live and thrive today because of this fight and I invite you to take up the fight too.

Obviously those persons in their late thirties, forties and fifties who have health issues, obviously this HPS program can immensely improve their health, and their lives.

But more so, I invite those in their twenties and early thirties to invest in this HPS GUIDED™ program and learn to practice with us all the different elements and practices in this program.

You'll have to do this online HPS GUIDED™ program...that's the only way you'll find out exactly every detail of what's in this program.




Age 44

"A year ago December I started on the deep body care path with HPS-ONLINE.COM.

I remember feeling totally out of control with my health. I remember feeling tired most of the time. I remember what it was like to get sick on a regular basis - for me that meant once every month or two... and staying sick for a couple weeks.

I always needed to visit a doctor for some antibiotics to get rid of whatever was ailing me (I have to add that part of my low resistance to sickness has been due to having had my spleen removed.) And, if I missed getting 8 hours of sleep, I ran the risk of getting run down and sick.

A short 17 months later I weigh 60 lbs less and, more importantly, I feel completely in charge of my health.

In 17 months I have not been sick but once (i worked really hard at it too ).

I now get by fine with 6 hours of sleep and can go for periods on 5 hours.

My overall energy has improved significantly and I have a respect for my body that I never had before.

Perhaps most notable to me through this process is experiencing the connection between mind, body and spirit.

It is one thing to read about that connection - and yet another to experience it so obviously when you undertake a program like this."

I myself started down the 'Deep Body Care'  path in my late 20's and have continued now into my mid 60's. Over thirty years of great health, unlimited awesome energy day in and day out everyday, fantastic immunity, good weight and good looks has been the outcome. I know firsthand how much sense, dollars and sense it makes to get onto this path in the early years of adult life.

Why should WASTE MANAGEMENT AND DEEP TISSUE CARE be the starting point in your efforts to heal, cure and rejuvenate yourself? Why to start there?

Click the link and discover (see pictures) of waste which our clients have evacuated from their own bodies. Intelligent health care is HAPPENING when we keep the waste load factors in a human body, low.

Once we get through the waste management phase of this HPS GUIDED™ DBC program we will be moving on and into the most important aspects of health care- reclaiming, renewing, restoring and revitalizing vital life forces.

Sane health care is when you succeed in limiting the depreciation of vital life force.
Once that process is sufficiently underway and progressing, we move into taking more control of our mind.

Great health is a body and a mind project. Not one or the other, but both. A constant stream of negativity, emotional outbursts (bad moods, moodiness, anger, jealousy, pride, etc.), worry and stress in the mind impacts our physical health and longevity in very self- apparent ways. We need to learn how to stop that and infuse the mind with more self-love so that vital life force can skyrocket without impediment. Hyper productive health care happens when both body and mind are simultaneously addressed. Norway's oldest man (107 years old) confirms two of the above claims- thin blood and moodiness, here.

It's a step by step process here at

A step by step approach is the most solid approach in health. It delivers superior results.

Step by step. Level by level. Hand-holding and guided. Educational and instructional. Online. In your comfort zone, in your own home.

Personalized, instructional, educational and guided deep body care with constant individualized feedback every step of the way for weeks and months on end at no extra costs to you.

Now it's your chance to do things for your body, mind and health which you'll probably never ever do alone on your own. Nor get right on your own. Don't blow it. Gift yourself a new body.

Information alone leads to nowhere. It's a bridge to nowhere.

Consistently being bombed with INFORMATION alone, in large or small quantities, ends up leading to information overload and ultimately to a destruction of your discriminating awareness. And that's especially true in health, and health care.

Contrary to popular belief the accumulation of information isn't power in health care... actions, and actions alone, are power.

Look at how much health information you've accumulated over the years... tons of info in folders on your computer and bookmarked websites too. Right? Isn't it so?

And products?

I'm sure like everyone else you know you have already bought countless different types of products and supplements believing each time that they, the products, are your savior.

And where is your health right now?

That's what I thought... Not too vibrant, not so vigorous, not so energetic, not so youthful.

Attaining great health is a lot like a good CHOREOGRAPHED musical have got to DJ your health... there NEEDS TO BE harmony, tone, melody, action, richness and diversity. Just having a destination in mind isn't enough.

It's not just the songs on your phone which make you feel good... there's more...there is the playlist too.

At least with me it's that way.

Oh sure, the songs I have at my own Soundcloud account are nice and I love each one individually but the way I weave them together is what creates something special. I've choreographed my music. The songs are not just randomly stacked. I do it with my music and I also do it with my health. I DJ my health care. You should too! Here in this HPS GUIDED™ program we're doing that. We're going to teach you how to do that, too.

How the songs are sequenced, grouped together and then played is what creates the musical/emotional/mental ambiance that raises my listening experience to a whole new level beyond just the level of the song itself.

In sustainable lasting hyper productive health care it's not exactly the same, but pretty close...

It's not just health products on their own which make something good happen in our life, but more so it's what we do with them.

How you group them, how you weave them in and out into different protocols and therapies, lead off from one practice into another, sequence them and their application, blend them together and connect them into an intertwined enjoyable, rewarding, astonishing, awesome productive experience as you saw our clients doing, above.

Just like in my own personal music account at Soundcloud (playlists hps1, hps2, hps3, and hps4) where I weave together a rich diverse variety of tracks, songs and genres- psytrance, rap, Bollywood, hip hop, techno, acoustic, R&B, jazz, blues, rock, classical Indian instrumental, Bhajans, Indie, live concerts and so forth- this is exactly what we do in the HPS GUIDED™ alternative health care programs... we weave a variety of products, procedures, cutting edge protocols, alternative therapies, practices, approaches and health disciplines together. And we're very experienced in doing this.

We call this 'Deep Body Care' based on waste management, a reclamation of vital life force, causes and conditions, and breaking free. Online since 1996.

That's how we stay far away from doctors and spiraling out of control health care expenses, far far away for a lifetime. And as you saw above, we have a solid record that proves this.

To be quite frank in self-help health care if you don't have a strategy to work with, a game plan to DJ, a destination in mind, and a proven program in hand to devote yourself to, FOLLOW and execute from... it's pretty hard to make anything beautiful happen in the longer run just from health products alone, on their own.

Your own personal experiences to date must have surely shown you that already. Whatever successes you have had in your self-help efforts have been short lived, and most probably they dissipated after a few weeks or a few months at most. Isn't it true?

Last but not least, to top it all off, having other more experienced people than just yourself involved in every step of the way in your health care journey- in reclaiming, renewing, reforming your health- is the spice.

It's critical!

Continuing constant personal FEEDBACK FROM AN EXPERT is the most important spice to be added to the meal called 'self-help health care.' And this spice is very self evident in the HPS online guided self-help 'Deep Body Care' health programs!

Without that spice (and everything else talked about above and below) your effort to revive and retrieve great health is going to stay tasteless, quite bland, probably forever boring, confusing and usually inconsequential.



Snippets of testimonials (by age) copied from the HPS forum (with links back to the original full post at the forum):

Twenty years old HPS DBC cleansers.

Thirty and forty years old HPS DBC cleansers.

Fifty years old and above.


You're stuck with both of them, with both body and mind.

That's a fact. And another fact is that both have a profound impact on your health, wellbeing, and happiness.

Once our mental health starts to go under, our physical health starts to collapse.

For every physical health problem you have, had or will have there are also some mental/emotional causations too.

You have nothing to fear about your mind. It's time to understand it better, understand its impact on your health and to become friends with it.

Here at HPS we're dealing with both, with both body and mind.

This kind of approach using our HPS protocols puts you way ahead in your health, and in your health care.

Undeniably ahead.

Set the "causes and conditions" for ascending good health, don't just be wishing for it or hoping it happens. With intelligence and sanity, and with diligence and effort, we do have the power to successfully set the "causes and conditions." Once that is properly done we're on our way to years of happiness with our body and health.

We've been running this HPS GUIDED™ online program for close to a quarter of a century already. Tried, tested, very proven.

No matter how old you are, after doing this program you are going to feel, look and be considerably younger.

And no matter how young you are right now, after doing this program you are going to be substantially wiser. This is a wisdom packed program, instead of the same old information packed ones.


If we want lasting improvements in health, good health, great health, well, every system in our body needs to be cleared of waste- your digestive system, elimination systems, reproductive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, immune system, nervous system, alimentary and assimilation systems, hormonal systems, and all glands too.

If just one or two systems are taken care of but all the others ignored, we've achieved very little, accomplished nothing lasting or meaningful for our health.

All the bodily systems are interconnected... interconnected in many different ways. All need our attention, not one or two. Otherwise, dysfunctions in one system ultimately lead to dysfunctions in other systems because of their interconnectiveness.

Not just more of what you already have... i.e., not just more information, supplements, equipment, devices, products, tests, diets and pills... but something different.

In the past twenty years online guess how many of our HPS clients have been diagnosed with cancer, arthritis, had a heart attack, a stroke, dementia or Alzheimer's? One. Only one person from the hundreds upon hundreds of clients! That's a phenomenal stat. Uncommon and unheard of!

We've given to our clients what your parents missed out on- vigorous energetic vibrant youthful health.

Order today!


If you already are going to do it... Do it the proper way. Do it the safe way. Do it the HPS guided online interactive educational way.

It's not a diet which makes a fundamental difference

Eating nutritious food is important but diets are pretty much useless if weight loss and better health is what you want. Those of us older than 25 know that diets and dieting are pretty useless in the longer run. Anyone over 25 knows this. But why useless? They are useless because they don't remove the pounds of morbid waste lodged deep in your gut, in your colon and small intestine. That bloating and expanded waistline of yours is pounds of pollution and waste lodged deep in your colon. It's been accumulating for years and no diet will ever lodge it free nor eliminate it from your body. Diets are even more useless because diets don't change taste buds therefore old desires sooner or later return with force. Once the dieting ends we usually find ourselves unfortunately (sooner or later) reverting back to old eating habits (we miss those tastes) which leads us back to old weight issues and again back to old health issues too. It's an emotional and mental desire, as well as a physical desire too. An acidic body desires acidic foods. Physically, a thoroughly alkalized body desires alkaline foods, in mass. HPS deep body care does change taste buds. It's the deep body tissue care part of the HPS DBC™ program which causes this to happen by thoroughly alkalizing our blood stream, and our vital internal organs. Our taste buds consequently do change and therefore we desire more alkaline foods rather than more sweet, fried, baked or acidic foods. It's not willpower, nutritional information or logic which prevails in what we eat as the so called "dieting experts" claim but rather it's our taste buds and our emotional makeup, i.e., our desires. With HPS you are going to find yourself desiring to eat a ton more fruit and pounds more fresh raw vegetables not because you're going to force that to happen by intellect, but rather it just naturally unfolds because your taste buds will have changed due to our HPS deep body care protocols and therapies.

You'll find many testimonials at our forum referencing this happening.

It's not yoga, jogging or a workout that is the source of energy.

If it's vigorous energetic youthful health that you desire on the cellular level, it would be wise to pay attention to the level of your internal cleanliness. That's the critical factor in health that most people have ignored for decades due to ignorance. Detox for example just touches the surface. HPS deep body care goes much much deeper. If we want to connect with great health on the cellular level, the mental level and the emotional level too and not just on the physical, muscular, tissue and superficial levels HPS deep body care is the way to swiftly and safely accomplish that. Watch how whatever you enjoy doing for your body, health and fitness be it biking, hiking, skiing, aerobics, jogging, workouts, yoga, Reiki or even meditation too, they all will dramatically improve and become easier for you. Much easier, more productive and much more enjoyable. And watch too how aging is also slowed down in a discernable dramatic self-evident manner... and in many cases here at HPS, even reverses! You'll find many testimonials at our online forum referencing this phenomena. None of that happens from diets, energy bars or smoothies, from eating a salad, from doctor visits and meds, from the consumption of endless supplements and vitamins, from apple cider vinegar, enzyme or fish oil supplements. This HPS DBC™ program leads to a Renaissance in health.

A Renaissance achieved by re-calibrating health deep inside our body.

It's not products, herbal teas, vitamins or supplements that transform health 

If it's true lasting healing, rejuvenation and prevention that you desire it's the skills and skill sets which you become proficient in which make all the difference. We want you to focus on that in our HPS programs. We're focused on skills, not pills. We want you to become much more proficient, comfortable and self-confident in waste management and in growing and expanding, in reclaiming and renewing, your life force. If being able to throw away your addictions and your dependencies appeals to you, this HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™ program is right up your alley. Freedom in health. Freedom in health care. Freedom from health problems and unhealthy dysfunctions. Education, not information is our method. Practice not theory is how we go about it. Independence and self-confidence rather than dependency and fear. Skills, not pills. Hands-on health care. Deep body healing, deep body rejuvenation and deep body prevention. Self-help that actually works. This is what you will be finding here at HPS DBC™ Renaissance health care™.

We're celebrating our body and health. When was the last time you found yourself doing that? If you are anything like most people I bet it's been quite a while!

And it's surely not free shipping that should matter

Auto refill, discounts, two for one, free shipping... what are we idiots? Is that what cuts the cake? Is that what determines where we invest our precious health dollars? It shouldn't. Here at HPS we hope it's the features of this program and our long online record that cuts the cake for you. If you are adament on cheap, you'll find plenty of new kids on the block with 5 or even ten years experience under their belts. I personally have over thirty years experience and that's something that very few people can give you in deep body care. In health care I've always wanted the best. Maybe you do too... Oh sure, you'll find at HPS attractive discounts too for our advanced level programs (up to 35% today, when pre-ordered today, and a two for one promotion too) but again, if we're looking for the ultimate in our health we're going to have to spend to get there. Let there be no doubt about that. I had to and you're going to have to reconcile to the fact that you will have to, too. Spend in money. But also in time and effort. But here at HPS you won't be spending it on super foods, skin creams, anti-oxidants, nutraceuticals, supplements, vitamins and meds to support biology and body chemistry. You'll be moving way beyond that type of nonsense. There is no free lunch when it comes to great health and successful health care but there can definitely be a Renaissance in the caring of our body, mind and health.

While a Renaissance might not be everything, everything without it is nothing!

We're in a league of our own.

Cross the bridge from sick care into genuine health care.

In sick care people are looking for a savior.
But in genuine health care there is no savior.

No one can save you ... You save yourself.

No one can heal you... you heal yourself.

No one can rejuvenate your body ... you rejuvenate your life, yourself. 

Health care isn't about products, or supplements, pills, shots, vaccines, diets, or tests. Nor workouts. It's actually about a mentality, an approach, a culture and a relationship to body, mind and health.


A paradigm of caring is what differentiates genuine health care from sick care.


And it is that which differentiates winners in health, from losers.

When that is fully understood, the conclusion is there needs to be a focus in your health care if you are to meet success in reclaiming and revitalizing your health.

Our focus here at HPS is on you acquiring skills... acquiring practices...our paradigm is not more information, not more products, workouts and yoga, diets or pills, books and videos (which is the focus of everyone else in your health) but rather hands-on deep body caring skills.

Deep body healing skills, deep body rejuvenation skills, and deep body prevention skills.

That's the harvest here at HPS.

To get there, to harvest great health, we first need to develop your deep body tissue care skills.

We call that waste management skills.

The four core waste management skills practiced in the HPS programs are juicing plus fasting plus colon cleansing plus home colonics for seven straight days.

We will be teaching you everything you need to know about these four core waste management therapies/protocols, guiding you, practicing with you, supporting you before you do them, while you do them, and long after. We've made it all so easy and safer than ever before for you. This is self-help that makes sense.

In short, we're talking about skill-sets, we're talking about PRACTICES; skill-sets/practices where you feel very confident in your ability to execute them on your own, forever.

We're talking a system of health caring here at HPS; not a product, a diet, a supplement, a yoga or a book or video.

Slow and steady... put things in motion and build some momentum to get the ship upright.

Now it's your chance to taste ascending great health. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain here at HPS!

What exactly are all the other different practices we practice??? That information is confidential to people doing the program! Join in and you'll be practicing too!

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See what Three Fantastic HPS Users - ages 54, 43, 26 - Say About Instruction & Education in Health Care.

Real people. Real Challenges. Real success.

HPS DBC™™. Deep Body Care™ ... Renaissance health care™.

You can find at the bottom of this page six different people who were much younger, in their mid twenties if they interest you too. Even if you are older than them, it will be inspiring for you to see with your own eyes what unfolded for them here with HPS.

“Though HPS DBC'ing we found not just a community of like minded friends but a wealth of knowledge foundationally build through Jos-hua, as well as many on our forum always ready to give assistance, things they have learned, etc. 

 Jos-hua has given step-by-step instruction, hug by hug encouragement and as a TRUE teacher and practionier the occasional knock on the head when needed.

 In all honesty I have done a few very stupid things before, during or in post cleanse and he have lovingly chastised me and HELPED me see what I had done, why it was harmful and then shared a cuddle and chuckle with me.

He has taught me the life long blessing that diet, lifestyle (meditation, emotional healing etc) and cleansing together can and WILL give vital and fantastic health.

 Yes, all my health problems are gone completely and I feel like I am in my 30"s again---but then what are 30"s, what are 50's----I just feel full of energy and truly alive, emotional EVEN and STABLE and that is such a blessing!!!

I do not have days of "feeling up in the clouds" or days of "life is crap" anymore--just that constant even calm inside!! WOW
“It wasn’t easy going against the trend in our society.

 It wasn’t easy changing life long habits of neglect and indiscriminate eating. 

 It wasn’t easy fasting through Christmas while everyone else was stuffing themselves; eating whatever I want when I want, getting no exercise, and then blaming bad health on the fact that my doctor can’t diagnose or give the right treatment was far easier.

 However, I have never felt so in charge of my destiny as I feel today as a result of taking the steps, following the instructions and just making a commitment to me.

It is a wonderful and powerful feeling to KNOW that you are in charge of your health – that good health isn’t good luck but good practice…and that even long life is in my control.

I now control whether I will EVER need a doctor again.

 These may seem like ludicrous claims – they sure would have seemed outrageous to me prior to the learning and experience that I have had over the past month.

The HPs DBC program itself is easy – the steps have been fully prepared and the way has been traveled by thousands of people that have followed jos-hua’s program before me…and those people that have been down the path before me where available and present during my cleanse to coach, inspire and comfort me as I took my first steps. The hardest part of all was the decision to do it!

I can’t believe the crap that came out of my body! ”
“Some cleansing websites on the net offer programs and products and guarantees, some even swipe a testimony here and there from our group and paste it on their website….but as the creator of HPS says so often, cleansing is not about products or week long programs when it comes to true health care, true self care.

 Depending on who you are, where you’ve come from, and how much personal growth work you’ve done, to rebuild and maintain one’s health in this day and age it takes acceptance of self-responsibility and a near complete transformation of one’s current perceptions of health care, diet, nutrition, energy and exercise, mental attitudes, one’s relationship with others and the earth, and even spirituality.

 And besides the most devoted die-hard persistent people, which most of us are not, this deep body care (DBC)  process cannot be done alone.

 We live on an earth of people who innately want to help others. We are people who enjoy and thrive on receiving and returning this help.  This two way flow of unconditional love and support is the current of forgiveness and healing.  This flow is necessary for anyone on a path of rejuvenating health.

 And this flow is here at HPS.”

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Are You Still in Your Twenties?

If so, take a quick look and see what can happen to your body, mind, feelings and health with HPS DBC.

A renaissance in their words...

“I know I have posted about how great my skin has become as result of my Level 2 many times in my postcleansing posts, but for those who never got to read those--here I go again. I have suffered from chronic acne since I was 16. I have used every prescription with some success, but as soon as I quit the medication my face would break out all over again. I always thought I would grow out of it, but I never did. After my Level 1, my facial acne did improve somewhat but not completely. After my Level 2, my skin completely healed. Every pore was clean and every pimple dissappeared during the actual fast and did not return afterward. My skin actually glowed and did not even require foundation! I received a lot of comments on how great it looked and everyone wanted to know what kind of makeup I was using!! However, I will say that when I stray from my diet and begin eating a lot of fatty processed foods (as I did over the holidays) my skin will break out. But as soon as I get back on track, my skin clears up. So again, the decision is up to me.

 Level 2 was very exciting and very productive, and I can not wait to move on to Level 3 this spring. If you are hesitant or even cyncial, I totally understand as I was too initially. However, I was so desperate for a change, that I felt I had nothing to lose, and now I am so thankful that I found HPS DBC and Jos-hua and all my cleansing friends. I will never go back as I have learned so much and have seen my own life change dramatically in a period of 6 months and 2 cleanses. It will happen for you too, I promise!!!”
 This HPS DBC  7 Day Wonder freedom cleanse was an incredibly positive experience for me overall. 

 The support and encouragement provided by this "community" was invaluable, and as I've said before, I most likely would have quit at one point or another, had I attempted this cleanse without this groups support and/or Jos-hua's knowledge on this matter. 

 Personally, I've seen a lot of changes in my mental and physical health. 

 I don't think too many people would look at me and think I had a ton of weight to lose, but whatever needed to go -- did. I look so much better, not only do all of my clothes fit well, but my skin is glowing and clear, my physical strength has improved and each day I have more and more energy. Everything I could of asked for! 

But wait there's more....

Mentally (which means spiritually for me most days ) I have a peace that was missing for some time. A lot can be attributed to changing my diet, before and after the 7DW cleanse, but the HPS DBC  7DW level 1 really cleaned up more than just my body. I knew that peace of mind is directly related to the health and vibrance of one's body, and this cleanse provides further evidence for this.”
“The above three are only the tip of the iceberg - i can definitely feel an overall sense of well-being that only a comprehensive, inside-out cleanse can provide. 

 I was suffering from a chronic halitosis (bad breath) problem that had me shuttling between dentists and ENTs, but none could offer anything more useful than antibiotics or surgery (which i obviously declined).

The HPS DBC (deep body care) 7DW cleanse has alleviated the problem drastically, and i know that another cleanse will wipe it out completely. 

 My skin also seems to have improved after the first 7-Day Wonder, and i have had my friends mention they feel an improvement in my general looks, energy and attitude. 

 I have been mostly vegetarian since the cleanse (except for fish. absolutely no meat/chicken), and this has been entirely out of natural choice rather than fighting any cravings or giving up anything. A few months ago, I would have laughed if anyone had told me that i would be able to enjoy a fresh salad more than a juicy burger (in fact i can't even stand the smell of fast food eateries with the processed, frozen foods, i don't remember the last time i stepped into a burger joint). 

 To summarize, the 7-day Wonder is just that - a seven day wonder cleanse. It is still unbelievable to me how hesitant i was in investing just 7 days of my life into caring for my body, how easily i was submitting to the logically inconsistent paradigm that we cannot take care of our own body and that modern allopathic medicine is the only way we can stay healthy.
“I was skeptical in the beginning about HPS DEEP BODY CARE, cleansing my colon for the first time, investing all this time and money, and opening to a world of strangers online... but now only a couple weeks have past since my first DBC 7DW cleanse, and I am already astounded by the positive changes in my life. (And they keep coming!)

 I came here seeking newness and recovery from some emotional and physical issues, and already feel like the 7DW Freedom cleansing benefits are far more than I imagined. 

To name just a few of the changes...
 1. I no longer drink alcohol on a daily basis

 2. I don't need coffee or caffeine to feel awake through the day

 3. I eat fruit almost very morning "to get me going"

 4. I speak and interact more honestly with people

 5. I feel less attachment to things, schedule changes, and people's behavior. (ie. letting my communications with familiar people play out on their own rather than assuming old roles)

 and 6. I am aware and forgiving of myself when I "deviate" from the path I am on.

This is a phenomenal voyage, different for every individual, yet catered for anyone alive. 
 Do it, especially if you aren't sure, for you'll be sure glad you did. Freedom Cleanse for life!!
“1. Im sure many of you have seen the price for the hps DBC programs.
 As a student on a literal fixed income- it was scary. 

 I thought about it for a few weeks and even decided to skip out- but the information seemed so logical, practical and effective. 

 I thought to myself, 'This is the sturdy foundation that good health could be built on'- and I was right about it. I put the financial aide I had into the program to much dismay of my girlfriend. I dont regret it- let me just say that you might pay an average HOSPITAL CO-PAY to get your tonsils out which costs as much as this program-- only with HPS, there are REAL benefits

 2. Let talk about the program. 

 You wont flip because EVERYTHING you need is available at your literal fingertips.
 There has never been a more structured health regimen in my opinion- the HPS guide, Netwonder, the downloads and the support. 

 The support is amazing because you have people with the same fears and trepidations you have who have GOT THROUGH it and are even at the 7DW Master Faster level. What other type of support could you ask for? There is always someone to watch your back, or butt in this case (joke, ok?)

 First of all, you have the pre-clease which consists of a set-down diet for a week-- NO problem. You dont eat acidic foods. At this point, you get familiar with the recommended books and the exercises. You also review your board and materials so you are thoroughly educated with them.

 Then comes the formal cleanse- you may start to worry-- but you will soon stop. 

 Contrary to the saying 'familiarity breeds contempt', familiarity here breeds comfort. And the first type of comfort is being comfortable with yourself. Yes Im talking about inserting the tip into the rectum, peoples. You can do it, and you WILL do it. I did it.

 Post cleanse is the big change in your life-- not much to say other than I feel extremely AWESOME.
“When, I first read that I would have to participate in an online support group I thought it was corny. 
 Partly because I couldn't see people wanting to really hear about all of my shit (literally and metaphorically), partly because I didn't expect much of a response, and partly because I have never done anything like it before. 

 Within the first day, I felt at ease. 

 All of the support was really astonishing and seeing that all these people kept coming back gave me much hope that I was in the right place. 
 It appeared only my preconceptions were corny. 

 All of you and Jos-hua made me feel comfortable, supported, and guided. 

 I don't think I would have gotten nearly as much out of this without the group. 
 By the end of the formal I knew that this place came truly from the heart.

 By the end of the formal cleanse I had so many great feelings on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

Physically, I felt not tired for the first time in years. 
 I had clearer skin, no more Psoriasis or really dry spots. 
 I had bettered all of my five senses. 
 I could smell things I never really noticed before. 
 Read things I couldn't really see that well. 
 Hear things on a much lower level, and my awareness increased. 
 I had lost fifteen pounds, though not my motivation a nice plus, and my stomach had flattened dramatically.

Emotionally, I felt not tired for the first time in years. 
 I began to feel my own inner strength and commitment. 
 I appreciated more all of the love I have both past and present in my life. 
 I was able to clear out feelings of guilt over past lifestyle choices and realized I could not have gotten here without my journey. 

 To sum up I felt something I haven't in a very long time. GRATITUDE! for both the good and bad.

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