14 different questions sent in over the years by email for Jos-hua. Personal questions about HPS GUIDED™, about him, and his own personal DBC (deep body care) Renaissance journey. 

Newest added content by Jos-hua the HPS medicine man, last updated on October 6, 2016.

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1. "Hello Jos-hua! I understand from the website that the HPS GUIDED™ program is a hand holding program and that you will be personally involved with me as I do the program. Before jumping in bed with you for weeks and months over the coming year (I'm interested in the Premium package!) and ordering your 7 Day Wonder DBC Renaissance system, I'd like to know a little bit about your belief systems. In gratitude. Susan."

Hi Susan,

My belief system is universal.

I believe in BasicHumanLove.

Basic human love is defined by me as the following:

- Helping
- Caring
- Honesty
- Trust
- Respect
- Warmth
- Compassion & Kindness

I believe that all human behavior, all human relationships, and all human endeavors succeed better and are more rewarding when these seven attributes and attitudes are present and dominant in our life. And I also believe that this should dominant in our health care!

Is this my religion?

Well, I guess one could say so.

I don't believe and can't believe this conflicts with anyone else's religion or belief systems.

My HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder DBC Renaissance health care program is based on this belief system too.

I also believe that we basically have only two choices in life, and in health care- love or fear.

Everyday, every moment, that's the critical question in our life. It pertains to ourselves and to our surroundings.

When our love is stronger, our fear diminishes. And the opposite is true too, the more fear we have, the less love we have.

We need to learn how to grow our self-love, our BasicHumanLove.

Love is the strongest power in the universe. It's even more powerful than a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb only destroys things. But with love, we can build things, things that can last for generations, and more. And that's much more powerful than just destroying something overnight.

Chemo is a form of fear, an expression of fear. Medical insurance is obviously based on fear too. Doctors and tests and meds too, that's living with fear too. I jettisoned all of that over three decades ago and I'd like to help others take the same position I have.

We need to learn how to love ourselves and to love our body, and to love our health. We've only been taught to fear it. Every article, every tv show teaches fear.

We need to love and approve of ourselves. Louis Hay's stands at the forefront of this approach to life. I support her and attest to her teachings.

We also need to learn how to take personal responsibility for our health. Our health is our own personal responsibility. Our health care needs to become love-centric. That's a basic Renaissance concept, and approach in health.

If we continue to fear our health, all we are basically doing is suppressing our immune system 24/7 making it even harder for ourselves to truly heal and rejuvenate in a lasting manner.

These notions are predominant in the HPS alternative health programs. When you do the program we will talk more about all this at our forum.

Until then, I suggest when you wake up every morning, walk up to a mirror in your house, any mirror, and look into the mirror, look into your own eyes and say out loud to yourself- "I love myself and I approve of myself!" Say it loud and clear, gentle but with force. Your conviction will grow the more you say it. With time.

Say it a few times before walking away from the mirror.

Doing that daily is a very powerful and healthy act.

And it's free. It doesn't cost you anything. And it's a great way to start your day!

And a great way to end your day too, doing it before going to bed while brushing you teeth. Look yourself in the eye and say it a few times. Do that for a few weeks daily and see for yourself where it takes you. You'll end up relating to yourself differently. 

It's a lot more beneficial to your health- your physical, mental and emotional health- than all the nutritional information in the world because it grows your life force.

The more life force you have the more your body and health can fulfill its healing, rejuvenation and prevention functions.

I hope this sufficiently answers your question Susan.

I wish you all the best,



2. "Could you please share with me the THREE BIGGEST highpoints/highlights of your own deep body care career to date? I'm very interested!"


I have a lot more than just three but these three were definitely milestones.

And before I list them, it would be worthy to remember again, we're talking holistic Renaissance, self-help, natural, self-care here at HPS Deep Body Care.

No meds, no procedures,  no tests, no drugs, no treatments, no invasive actions, no spa's to check into, no surgeries, CAT scans or refills. 

No daily vitamins, no daily supplements, no diets and no workouts.

1) The return of my smell sense.

It had been gone for over five years prior to getting on this DBC path. Major impact. Made my first three deep body cleanses worth every penny invested in time and money. Of course, tens of other things very positive were going on with my body, mind and health but when my sense of smell returned, out of the blue, on sunny bright day, major impact!

2) An opening up of most, if not all, old skin wounds (cuts, wounds and scars that healed more than a decade and or two before) and then a complete healing, and closing.

But this time each scar and cut and wound healed with a pure white pink skin pigment. In other words, healthy healing.

That was quite unbelievable to experience, to watch and see. Major impact. I had never read about anything like that anywhere before, and so it inspired me to jump deeper into DBC (deep body care) and the life force perspective of it, and to explore it even more. Major impact.

3) The end of herpes. Major impact on my life. In my late twenties I got herpes. It was a shockingingly bad experience for me because I had frequent outbreaks. Doctors had taken thousands of dollars from me for visits, tests and meds, and at the end of the day (after first sucking me dry of my money for five months) said "it is here to stay."

Turns out they were wrong!

HPS DBC ended the herpes, and it hasn't come back in over 26 years already!

If that's not an expression of Renaissance, what is?

Furthermore, the meds they gave me I believe did a great deal of harm to my body, specifically my adrenals. HPS DBC cleared and cleaned out that damage out too.

Major impact.

Ascending health evidenced by a stronger immune system. Major impact. No eruptions vs bi-weekly eruptions or monthly eruptions... Major!!

All three of these had a profound impact on my health- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Of course, financially too.

None of this, and I repeat non of this, could happen if the body was weak. By weak I mean polluted, congested, toxic, filthy internal environment. It all just wouldn't happen nor unfold the way it has.

All are signs of internal cleanliness compounded by an expanding life force. Healing and rejuvenation is an expression of that expanding life force!

Just for the fun of it, let me mention nr. #4 as well as nr. #5.

Nr. #4.

On my left foot, on the little pinky toe, toe #5, most of us usually have a little itzy bitsy toenail. We think that's normal. I did too. At least until the age of 35.

After my 7th DBC, that toe nail fell off, completely. And in it's place a new "large sized" toe nail grew in.

The same happened on the right foot a year later.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) I took that as an indication that my bladder system, bladder organ and meridian/energy system, we're renewing, rejuvenating. Re-growing with optimal health. A Renaissance in body and health.

Nr. #5

In my early thirties I started to experience foul smelly breath... halitosis is the medical term for this.

Of course I went to the dentist when it didn't go away, and of course, I followed all their recommendations requiring more extensive brushing, flossing, mouthwashes, etc.. Nothing help. The breath was so bad that my interactions with other people were seriously and severely hindered (both personal and business) and my self-confidence really took a turn for the worse for quite a long time. I just didn't know what to do, as this phenomena went on for close to two years.

HPS DBC cleared it up. Immediately. Again, a Renaissance in my own life.

That horrible bad stinky breath had nothing to do with bacteria in the mouth (which is what doctors had claimed) but rather it had everything to do with putrefaction deep inside the body, in the gut, and in the lungs.

Once deeply cleaned out the HPS DBC way my breath immediately returned to normal, and never again, in over the past thirty years has the problem ever returned. No mouthwash, no flossing, no nothing.

All the above are the result of a deeply cleaned body and an expanding life force.

The more life force you have the more your body can fulfill its healing, rejuvenation, restoration, revitalization and prevention functions.

Without adequate life force we're toast. Health consequently declines and we shouldn't expect healing or rejuvenation to kick in and save us. It won't. It doesn't no matter how many doctors we visit, how many meds we take, or how many supplements and vitamins we gulp down daily. Or how much yoga we do. That at least is my opinion. You of course have yours. Feel free to do as you like.

3. I don't mean to be rude but why do you continue to run this program? I mean, it sounds absolutely great but you OBVIOUSLY can't get rich from it. You accept at most 12 new people a year. Even if all 12 ordered your premium package at $2,000 dollars, you still only make $24,000 a year! So why do you continue for 20 years to do this while making so little money? I see you've made over 9,000 posts at your forum. That's a lot of work and attention to your clients for so little money!"

Look, no one ever got really healthy by just reading a book. No one ever gets really healthy from doctor visits or watching youtube videos, or even from spending two weeks at a cleansing spa once or twice a year for a few years running.

Self-help is massively more productive when you have total and complete professional guidance and real-time loving feedback 24/7 for weeks and months.

The above has been my experience in life and so I felt that if I am to really help people change and transform their health in a lasting sustainable way there is only one way that's going to happen and that's by designing and running a hand-holding program like this one.

My motivation for running this program online is not money, fame, name or power. Or even recognition. I don't really care about any of that. 

My motivation is spiritual, to help sentient beings. To do the best I can with my life to help others in an honest way. It's an expression of love and gratitude for my human life.

If I were to just sell supplements, books or equipment and devices, lets be honest, that isn't how you are going to succeed in transforming your health.

Oh sure, I'd make a ton of money but when I look at myself in the mirror, I'd have to admit that in some way, I am cheating you, or rather I have succumbed to being a fraud. And I don't want to have to live a life like that knowing that I am misleading someone by saying "buy these supplements and all will be well with your health," or buy this equipment (say a home colonic board) and you are going to clean yourself out and renew your health. That's BS and I know it from my own personal experiences. My life would be miserable if I did that because I know the truth. Gulping down supplements isn't going to transform health. At best it stops the decay for a while, but sooner or later we will find ourselves back at square one again.

I said it already on the home page and I mean it- " if you just continue to stay focused on food and diet or probiotics, herbal supplements and herbal tea's, apple cider vinegar, juicing, vitamins, meds, trendy detox, aromatherapy, essential oils, workouts or yoga as the path to better health you're stuck in a losing proposition."

In short, I feel I have some wisdom, some skills and some knowledge that others, very few others on this planet, have.

Nor have they the experience in guiding others, experience that I developed over many years with thousands of different people both offline and online.

I'm already doing this HPS DBC program thirty years now! The online program is just 20 years old but I started my own personal deep body cleansing journey ten years beforehand and was involved with many many hundreds of people offline at fasting/cleansing/detox Spa's during those ten years.

I feel it is my duty to use my life to the best I can to help others, so I continue and run the HPS DBC program online. As the Buddhist say, this is altruistic motivation. Pure motivation.

I of course could find investors and open a high end fancy expensive Spa somewhere and make a fortune, a boatload of money, but then I would lose my own personal freedom. Being online means I can run this program from anywhere. I'm on the move all the time between Thailand, India and Nepal so this fits my lifestyle quite well.

I took a break in 2014 and in 2015 (was in China teaching at a university there), and now in 2016 I'm back online and accepting new clients. I'll probably continue for only a few more years. I'm already sixty, so maybe until sixty five or a bit longer and then I shall call it a day. But now, unlike in the past, I'm much more selective who I accept into the program. In the past I wasn't.

Yes, you are right, I don't make money from this... I make just enough to survive, but that's ok with me, I live a very simple life, and as I said I live in Asia, so my costs of living are much less than if you live in Europe or the USA, or the western hemisphere.

But still, I barely get by.

But again, that's ok because my motivation isn't to get rich.

My motivation is simply to honestly help and I can think of no better way to help you, and others, than by taking your hand and teaching you what Deep Body Care (DBC) is all about. How to do it, how to sustain it, how to make it your lifestyle just as I made it mine. It's a very rewarding lifestyle to say the least.

In short how to succeed at it, with it, and profit for many decades just as I am and hundreds of others here at HPS have been too.

 Most people cannot pick up and go to a Spa year in and year out in a far away country like Thailand, but everyone can do an online program. So you profit.

And best of all, I enjoy the teaching, and I enjoy seeing and being involved in each and every time the healing, rejuvenation and prevention stories our clients (new clients and older clients) write up at our online forum!

That's so satisfying for me. Some of our older clients have been active at our forum for over a decade already. Some healed and rejuvenated and then stopped participating at our forum. But the ones that have healed, rejuvenated and are preventing still stay active at the forum (out of altruistic motivation to help others and themselves), well, it's so great to be able to see how their health like mine keeps getting better and better every year even as they age! I get a buzz from that.

It's quite a unique experience.

No doctor has ever experienced that. No specialist. No surgeon. No fitness coach. No supplement manufacturer or seller, no etc., etc.. They might hear about a success story at one moment in time, a set frame of time, in a fixed timeframe, but they don't hear what's going on year after year with their patients, customers, or clients let alone weekly and monthly for ten or fifteen years running  like I have.

And that's very special for me.

It proves to me that I was right in what I have been teaching and how I am teaching this. And that the effort I put into designing and building the HPS 7 Day Wonder DBC program was worth it. A ton of effort has gone into this online guided interactive program.

And because internet technologies keep changing, I have to keep updating the technologies too... that's a lot of effort, costly and very time consuming too.

For example, creating this website in html5 format so that it will be responsive on mobile has cost me a fortune in time. Hundreds of hours of my time has been devoted in 2016 just to making this site responsive for you on mobile. People don't think about these things, but they are draining and costly. I cannot afford to hire designers to do it, that would cost thousands of dollars. So I have to find the software, learn it, and then do it myself, on my own. We just upgraded our HPS DBC forum to be mobile responsive too. That required skills way beyond my scope so I had to hire technicians to do it. That cost me over 500 dollars so far, and there are more bills to come. The list is so long, the effort so great, but again, I feel it's what I should do to help others simply because I can. My motivation is altruistic.

I could go on and on, but I don't believe that interests you or anyone else. So, I'll stop here.

I hope the above clarifies for you what you asked about.

Thanks for giving me a chance to answer this type of question. I don't usually get a question like this.

Peace, Jos-hua, 

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4. "Honestly, if you had to do it all over again, would you still walk this DBC route?"


This HPS DBC (deep body care) program has transformed my life.

Made it better than if I wasn't doing this or if I didn't do this.

Meditation has been the same for me.

I've been studying and practicing meditation since the age of 31. I did my first ten day retreat in silence at the age of 31. And I haven't stopped since. Hundreds of day of retreats over the past thirty years and thousands of hours of practice.... sitting meditation and mantra meditation. Millions of mantra repetitions already to date!

Together, this HPS DBC and the 30 years of meditation practice are the two most important tools for me, for my life, for living a happy sane life on planet earth.

Without them, I have no doubt, the quality of my life would be inferior.

And I would be an inferior human being too compared to what I am today.

My life has evolved beyond my wildest dreams. It's been a very purposeful and meaningful life.

So yes, I'm very grateful to have discovered both... and even more grateful for the wonderful teachers who have helped, supported, guided and instructed me over these past three decades.

A great blessing to say the least!

5. "What turns you on most about your program?"

The freedom.

 The freedom it gives me to take full and total control of my body, mind and health without any one else's intervention!

There are a lot of "options" here at HPS, designed into the program...

The more one walks the path, the more experiences, knowledge, wisdom and self confidence one attains and maintains.

A happier healthier body does lead to a happy healthier mind. And vis a versa. A congested polluted unhappy mind, does lead to a unhealthy body.

Because the program is educational it gives us skills, skill-sets, and tools.

We're basically free to do the program at our timing of choice and place of choice.

And level of choice depending on one's needs, feelings, environment, etc..

HPS 7DW Master Fasters (those who have finished all four levels of the program) have a lot of different options and a lot of self confidence under their belts. You can too.

In my younger years, I've done this DBC in tens of different places, in four different countries. But that's a long story on its own.

Bottom line, yeah, freedom from tests, doctors, meds and all those other spiraling expenses which we don't have control over.

Freedom from rules, constraints, demands.

I'm don't like it when someone like a doctor tells me you have to take these pills three times a day, forever, or for months on end. After a day or two I get fed up with that, and stop doing it. Same with supplements and vitamins. Same with workouts at a gym, i.e., you have to go twice a week every month for an hour or two. I don't like that kind of living. I value my freedom. And HPS DBC gives me more freedom to live my life as I wish to... much much more than any other system of health care.

I have no problem in devoting a week or ten days to the deep body cleansing, but once that is over I don't have to follow any rules. All I have to do is listen to my body. The rest falls into place. And I like that.

HPS DBC ended for me a lot of the BS that others have to endure for years, for decades, for a lifetime. It can for you too.

Freedom to do as I like and to take personal responsibility for my body, health and well being.

That's the gig here. Join in. You'll profit!

6. "What surprised you the most in your own personal DBC journey?"

Without doubt, the biggest surprise has been how naturally, without any plan or intention to work from, but just by naturally walking this HPS 7 Day Wonder DBC path year after year, my food intake keeps getting smaller, and yet my energy levels and life force keeps expanding even at the age 60.

At sixty I still have the energy of a kid of twenty!

Some days, without plan or intention, a whole day and half (or sometimes more) passes before I remember that I haven't eaten anything.

When that first happened, that very first time, about fifteen years ago I was very very surprised.

That naked realization and its unfoldment was never expected. But now, for the past what is it, fifteen  years, when it repeatedly happens a few times a month, I'm beyond surprised. I just rejoice. I don't have to spend time cooking, or going out to eat... and I also don't have to waste time washing up. but I can function so well. Same with sleep. I can sleep only three or four hours for days on end, and still function exceedingly well.

The sum total of all of this means I have more time to do whatever I want to do with my life. More freedom. And more resources too. All of this suprised me very much.

Scroll down below, find more questions for Jos-hua, and his answers.

7. "Why haven't you yet written a book?"

I don't write books because by reading a book you'll never transform your health. Never ever.

At best a book might give you some information or perhaps inspire you to take action but it's not going to transform you nor your health.

There are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of health books in the market, yet look at the numbers themselves- "133 million Americans – 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease." 

So, I ask you, what did all those thousands of books do beyond promote the author's name and status and generate some income for the author?

It is evident that we need more than information if we want to change our health in a lasting positive manner.

We need to take action. We need to move beyond theory and into practice. 

And if that is the case we need education, daily feedback when we partake in our actions, and unlimited personalized individual support and instructions.

This support and help needs to be continuous, not an email or two, a visit somewhere for a week (say to a cleansing/fasting spa or a retreat) or to a doctor's office but rather continuous instructions, feedback, support, help and love! Daily. The love is just as important as all the other facets, if not more important! Someone experienced has got to take a personal interest in you.

No book ever gives any of that, therefore, I don't write books but rather only run this online guided interactive program. 

The results speak for themselves. See what our clients experienced from this methodology at our online forum. Hundreds of program reviews/ testimonials for you to explore today and see with your own eyes the advantages for you and your health by enrolling in an online guided interactive program such as HPS one.

If you don't want to spend your time reading, here's one guy who also posted 3 short youtube videos at his 7 Day Wonder level 2 testimonial at our online forum detailing his impression of the program. Take a quick look at what he said.

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Questions about detox
Questions about detox cleansing.

8. "Easy to Use! Is it really?"

Make no mistake, it takes time to become proficient, to learn study and practice, and to let the processes of better health unfold.

The HPS DBC 7 Day Wonder program knows that.

Because I knew that from my own personal experiences, I consequently built this HPS DBC 7 Day Wonder program level by level, to reflect that wisdom.

This is not, this HPS DBC 7 Day Wonder program is not a magic bullet or quick fix.

It requires an investment.

Both in money, and effort.

It's not a pill.

Skills interest us much more than pills.

Action interests us, not dreams. Or hopes. 

But once mastered, yeah, easy to use.

This is health care which one looks forward to doing, and doing, and doing. Simply because this works. 

Ask any HPS 7 Day Wonder Master Faster this question and I'm pretty sure he or she will say the same. 

9. "Who was your most important teacher?"

Health wise... Daniel Reid. I mean, if you got it with him, you got it. Dr. Bernard Jensen definitely is on the list too.

Spiritually... Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and HH the Dalai Lama. Trunga Rinpoche too. Amma from Amritapuri.org too.

All four life saving. All four life enhancing. All four genuine, authentic, real deal teachers.

10. "Hey Jos-hua, what is your exercise routine composed of?"

Hi, thanks for your question.

Here at HPS DBC (deep body care) there actually is no exercise routine.

I dropped out of the gym, workouts, and exercising paradigm a long long time ago... tons of time and money consequently saved.

Also, no more self injuries too. Workouts usually end up with that happening, self-injuries.

The older you get, the more you want to stay away from the mess of self induced injuries. There is enough to worry about without that too.

My personal repertoire of exercises is based on which level of HPS DBC I chose to do for a few months at a time. Every year I'm focusing on a different level.

Each level partakes in different non strenuous exercises based on yoga, or tai chi, chee gung or just plain old stretching or breathing.

Over the years, through trial and error, practice and revision I've discovered a few things that I have found to be sustainable at my own free will (i.e., timing and place of choice) and result giving (i.e., productive short-term and long-term results), and as important don't require from me any financial outlays or a place that I have to go to!

  • Reverse deep abdominal breathing I especially enjoy.
  • Figure eights energy movement I do often. Almost daily.
  • Swabbing/brushing energetically my external aura and outer bodies.
  • Tibetan yoga.
  • Meditation.
  • Thai massage (this is the only thing from these eight that requires from me to go outside of home).
  • Self message.
  • A few different stretches that I usually do numerous times a day, no matter where I am, in private or public. Not more than five or six minutes per session once a day. Sometimes only one or two minutes. I could be standing in a line to pay a bill and do them (to do one or two from my repertoire, or alone at home and do them, or on the beach. In a bus, or taxi. Wherever, it doesn't really matter. They are me, and part of my lifestyle. I just instinctively fall back to them because they work, are easy, don't demand my time and give me comfort, better health and happiness- physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. 

That basically sums up my exercise routine in a nutshell. And how I relate to exercise. And why.

It's either a physical reason, a mental reason, an emotional reasoning or spiritual. I don't do any specific exercising to build muscle. Or stamina. Or concentration and discipline. The HPS 7 Day Wonder DBC program naturally gives all that by just following the program, step by step, level by level.

BTW, I don't do all the above, all at the same time, or continuously week after week, year after year.

I engage them when I see fit. At my timing of choice. My need of choice. My motivation of choice.

I sometimes find myself for a month or two doing Tibetan yoga (15 to 20 minutes at max) once a day. Sometimes other months no Tibetan yoga and more stretching (just three to five minutes). Sometimes more reverse deep abdominal breathing. Or figure eights as taught by Dr. Bernard Jensen. And some months I find myself doing nothing, no exercising whatsoever. It all depends on what space I'm in and what pace I need to run at. Etcetera, etcetera.

Outside of the Tibetan yoga, meditation, Thai massage each one of the above (plus a few other things which I'll talk about and show you when you do HPS advanced cleansing- the Premium or Ultimate packages- gets about 4 to 8 minutes of my time per day at my discretion i.e., self message a few minutes maybe while waiting for dinner at the table, or watching TV or surfing the net, etc. It all depends what frame of mind I'm in, where physically I'm at, where I'm at mentally, emotionally and spiritually, environment, time restraints, financial restraints, etc.. I pick and chose to make my life happy, and keep my life force flowing... and consequently body, mind & health fit.

11. "Where do you live?"

I live in Thailand, Nepal, India, China.

It's been like this for almost 40 years now! (the Thailand, India, Nepal part)

Usually a few months a year in Thailand for health purposes, and a few months  a year in Nepal for spiritual study, living and practice, every year. My main spiritual teacher (guru) lives in Nepal. I make effort every year to go see him, to keep our connection alive and vigorous.

India for spiritual pilgrimages and teachings.

China recently (2014/2015) for teaching... and where I developed an advanced teaching methodology for schools of higher education which I have developed with my partner Alan_A, an HPS 7DW deep body cleanser with thousands of posts at our HPS forum.

My dream is to see this Taja T2 teaching and pedagogic system implemented worldwide over the coming fifty to one hundred years in most schools worldwide be they universities, colleges, or high schools. Or private learning forums like seminars, vocational training forums, leadership and management conferences, etc.. This is the future... for our kids, for schools, for educators, for education.

A paradigm shift for teaching and living the teachings.

Just as HPS DBC is a paradigm shift for health and health care.

Here at HPS we're relating differently to our body & health than most people are. It's a paradigm shift. A different way of living and taking care of our body, mind & health.

Create awesome friendly health. Program details.

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12. "If you had to chose, which would it be, yoga or DBC?"

Without doubt DBC (deep body care).

DBC is so much more powerful than yoga!

A thousand times more powerful. HPS DBC actually renews life force almost overnight. Yoga doesn't.

And think about this... yoga, to be productive has to go on for months and years, a few times a week. It messes with you and your schedule all the time. HPS DBC messes with your schedule, with your normal life routine, for one week only.

In HPS  DBC, the "formal" deep body cleansing (the fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics part of the program) is one week only.

Which would you prefer... a week of devotion or weekly devotion for months on end (and years) to your body and health?

Secondly, yoga usually entails you going to a place to do it. At least in the beginning stages. HPS DBC is done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. In your comfort zone. NO traveling, no groups of people that you have to mingle with face to face, no traffic or appointments. Nice, no?

It's a choice. Now choose.

13. "My kids are 10 (my girl) and 14 (my elder boy). Can you give me some advise for them that will impact their life right now. Obviously they cannot do your HPS 7 Day Wonder program yet, at this young age. Tell me something that will improve their life right now. Thanks again!"

Obviously you want to do your best to feed them wholesome food...live food we call it here at HPS.

The less packaged food, canned food, microwave food eat they eat the better off they will be both today, and in the longer run. As their taste buds develop an affinity for live food, probably they will be able to carry that habit into their teenager years and beyond.

But beyond that I'd say one thing you should do....


I'm fifty seven now, haven't had a health problem in over twenty five years, but I do have problems with the teeth that they put braces on when I was a young kid. I am the first generation that had braces. Mine were put on me in the sixties, when I was only nine years on.

Prior to my generation, braces were very rare and there was no history of fifty or a hundreds years regarding the long term consequence of braces.

Now that I'm in my late fifties, I am having problems with the teeth that had braces on them!

I've already lost a few teeth. But only the teeth that had braces on them! All the other teeth are fine.

And of course, in general I'm phenomenally healthy so it makes no sense thinking that I have a health problem, or a dental problem with me teeth.

In fact, I've never had any root canals treatments, nor any cavities since I was a child, nor any gum problems.

 Braces damage bone integrity in the mouth, and nerve integrity too. It's like taking a sledgehammer to the bone and nerves. The only difference is that it is being done seemingly gently, slowly, over a long period of time (a year or two), but it's being done consistently and it's not gentle at all. It just seems gentle!

It's very damaging in the longer run but we only discover that when we age.

When I point this out to dentists that ONLY THE TEETH THAT HAD BRACES ARE WEAK, LOOSE AND FALLING OUT, but all the others, in fact all of them, are perfectly fine, healthy, strong, etc...  they (numerous dentists) ignore me and come up with all kinds of other talk (like ageing) to divert the discussion.

They don't want to discuss it. Why? Because there is big money for them in the braces.

So, my suggestion to you would be, don't allow them to put braces on your kids teeth no matter how much your kids want them (social pressure, aesthetics, etc., etc.) for if they do, they are sure in their fifties and in their sixties or after to be spending tens of thousands of dollars on implants. And to suffer BOTH physically, emotionally, mentally and of course as I already mentioned, financially. I hope this helps you and many others. 

In general, I can say, the only problems I have or had have in the past thirty years since getting on this DBC (deep body care) path are problems that one can say are related to the damage that was done to my body by doctors!

My conclusion is doctors do more harm than good in the longer run. Stay away from them like the plague! Self-help is the way to go. I hope this insight helps you, your kids and everyone else who reads this. Peace, Jos-hua.

14. "Lets say you're going to Mars... If you could take only one supplement with you, which one would it be? Thank you."

Bee pollen would be my choice. Without a doubt!

I'd take enough supply to last me for a return journey back to earth.

And if we're never coming back, making it back, I'd still take the bee pollen with me!

Bee pollen nourishes life force in a clean body. It helps expand and grow life force.

Great question. Thanks. Peace, Jos-hua

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