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Ten most commonly asked questions about alternative medicine
An ever-increasing amount of information about alternative medicine is entering mainstream media. Even with all that is being written or said about alternative medicine, many people feel they are not getting the facts they need to make some very basic decisions; they feel they still need to obtain some simple answers to some very important questions. Here you will find the ten most commonly asked questions about alternative medicine and the answers. These answers will provide you with details about alternative medicine to help you begin your journey.

Alternative medicine glossary
With so many different therapies available, it certainly starts to get confusing. Learn from this glossary some of the major alternative medicine therapies.

Meridians and energy flow in the human body
Acupuncture, Accupressure, Shiatsu, Reiki, Massage, etc., all function around energy and the meridians. Learn here interesting and valuable information on which hours of the day your meridians and internal organ energy systems are active. Insights on your pains and aches, chakra's, ley lines and more.

Travel Asia
A few good healthy tips and products if you are looking to travel healthy. This section will be expanded in late 1999. Bookmark and return again.


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