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Fran_D'A, Age 47
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Chronic constipation is a thing of the past, and my body actually craves healthy foods. Amazing!

I finished my Level 2 cleanse on April 5 and have been enjoying the increased energy it has brought. 

After my Level 1 in December 2001, I felt tired and it took several weeks before I really felt the benefits of the cleanse. 

This time, the cleanse itself was very calm and peaceful and I had good energy throughout. 

The change has been wonderful. I lost 9 pounds between the pre-cleanse and the formal cleanse bringing my total weight loss to 25lbs. 

Chronic constipation is a thing of the past and my body actually craves healthy foods. Amazing! 

I am convinced that cleansing is an extremely beneficial path to follow. I have seen clear evidence of that already and know I will experience even more in the future. The support of my fellow cleansers was wonderful and it really helps to be part of a group doing the same thing. But more importantly, there is no way I could do this without the genuine concern, involvement and experience of Jos-hua. 

I had some post-cleanse problems this time and a pretty significant healing crisis which has since passed. I had no clue what to do and contacted Jos-hua privately. Do you know what I got? Everything I needed including his genuine love and concern! He told me things to do, things not to do, things to try, he asked questions and then more questions, and it was not just a response to one email. There were many, many back and forth over the past several weeks at all hours of the day and night. I'm sure this took a significant amount of his time and energy which he gave so graciously with love. 

Last year my husband couldn't get to the doctor's office for test results so the doctor called him from his car one evening. You know what he got in the mail? A bill for $100! 

The HPS program is priceless and for my money, the best deal on the planet! 

You can read all the books you want and buy all sorts of stuff from your health food store and try to go it alone. But I guarantee you won't get what you'll get from being a part of HPS. 

Love and light, 



Cleansing since 12/20/2001 

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Chris M, Age 33.
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Lost 21 pounds and only gained one back. Lost a kidney stone too! 

Well, here I am several weeks into the post-cleanse. 

This has been a very positive and extremely enlightening experience for me. 
I am astounded at how little I knew of nutrition and how the body
works. The information HPS shares, a little at a time so you can
understand, was immensely helpful.

The things that come out of your body will amaze you. I had carried a kidney stone around for nearly 9 months without passing it. I have been having problems with my gall bladder for the last 4 months. You can call it a coincidence, but I call it the miracle of cleansing- because I passed the kidney stone the very day I ended the cleanse. 

The myriad of digestion problems I've had for the last 2 years are now basically gone. It’s a life changing experience, but only if YOU want to change. 

I lost 21 lbs, and have gained only 1 lb back. 

If your thinking of doing this cleanse, don't wait and don't hesitate. 

Commit yourself to healing your own body.



Cleansing since 3/11/2002 

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Maz, Age 53
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- What a blessing- No more prescription drugs, no more any drugs, no more headaches worth mentioning, sleeping like a baby and lost 30 lbs so far

Last year I felt as if my life was slipping away, heading down the well-trodden path of everyone before me - overweight, headaches, sluggish, no energy, taking two prescription tablets a day and several over the counter whenever needed. 

My husband ran into a friend that told him about a diet - life changing way of life. We started that diet (no meat, dairy, white flour, sugar, salt) in October 2001. Within days we were amazed at the results. This diet also talked of cleansing and we searched the web and found Jos-hua!!! 

What a blessing. The first cleanse really helped make me "regular" but left us both exhausted. It took about two weeks to feel back to ourselves and then it has just gone up and better. I truly believe this is a four step process to complete health and even though I am a bit scared about level 2 I am looking forward to it greatly. 

No more prescription drugs, no more any drugs, no more headaches worth mentioning, sleeping like a baby and lost 30 lbs so far, a bit more to go hopefully. 

This cleanse program that Jos-hua has, is tremendous and truly helpful in every way - the on-line chats each day are a great help and you really profit from them in several ways. Thanks heaps to Jos-hua and everyone for their encouragement and help. See you all soon!!!! 



See what's happening to Maz's health and her life 1.5 years later since she started cleansing with HPS-ONLINE.  Click here.

Cleansing since 3/04/2002

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Pat W, Age 58
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- Saving $25,000!!
Disease Process reversed. Healing from the Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Years of pushing myself physically, eating poorly, choosing stress and not getting enough sleep took a great toll on my health and vitality. I developed rheumatoid arthritis at age 55 and went down hill fast.

The medical route seemed to help with the symptoms but it was actually only suppressing the disease. It was way too expensive (about $25,000 per year)... and besides it was literally killing me with poisons. I needed a better, less expensive, more healthful way to deal with the illness. 

I discovered hps by "accident" or rather by providence. 
I was drawn to the simplicity and great results of the cleanse.  It made so much  sense.

I did the first cleanse in November, 2001, and the level 2 in January 2002. 

I now take NO medications and am in the process of healing from the rheumatoid arthritis. 

I am so very much better its hard to believe. 

My rheumatologist thinks its some kind of miracle but I know its from cleansing the toxins from my body and setting the right causes and conditions for my body to by able to heal. 

Other improvements show as follows: 

1) my skin is clear and more supple

2) my hair is shinny and soft

3) my nails are long and hard

4) my eyes clear and vision is improved

5) and best of all my mind is so much more clear - what I was calling "mentalpause" must have actually been brain sludge caused by toxicity. 

6) People who only judge by what they see can see a big change in me too because

I have lost a total of 47 pounds since last November. I weigh less now than I did when I graduated from high school. I can't help but be excited about having to get some new clothes... and they actually look good on me. 

Jos-hua is really caring and devoted to making cleansing a positive, productive and safe experience for us. The cost of this program is inexpensive for all the time and effort that has gone into it. The support from the fellow cleansers is also a wonderful benefit in encouraging you as you go through the program. 

I would never have been able to do this kind of thing by myself. I would have been doomed to deteriorating health, chronic pain and an early grave. I have so much to be thankful for!!! 

Don't hesitate to begin this remarkable supported cleanse- journey. You'll never regret it and, particularly if you're younger, perhaps you'll prevent the development of some auto-immune dis-ease like my body developed.  If you already have dis-ease, this program can turn it around by creating the causes and conditions for ascending good health and revitalization of your body. 

Love and Light, 



Cleansing since 10/29/2001

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Sam_P,  Age 51
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- It was a wholly beneficial experience, which more than justified the expense!

I'm Sam, 51 years old. 

Just finished my first 7-day cleanse, guided by Medicine Man online.

It was a wholly beneficial experience, which more than justified the expense! I'm intending to continue through Levels 2, 3, and 4.

If you're interested in creating good health for yourself and (by example) for the other people in your life, then I recommend Medicine Man's HPS cleanse program to you without any reservations.

Here's some personal background about why I decided to do the Level 1 cleanse:

By conventional standards I was in pretty good health. However, I was becoming more and more aware of what felt like the beginnings of body problems. I was having acid reflux a lot of the time, in response to a lot of different foods. Also, since my twenties, I've had a recurring problem with anal fissures (broken, painful skin inside the anus, sometimes with bleeding), and this problem had come back.

Emotionally, I was experiencing sluggishness (physical, emotional, spiritual), aimlessness, and heavier feelings of fear, depression, resentment. These feelings got very stong earlier this year. I saw myself starting to believe that this negativity was valid. I felt like my emotions and my body were headed into a bad downward spiral toward me becoming a bitter, unhealthy person.

Two months ago, in June, I decided that one of my main goals is for the following to actually be true: MY WHOLE BODY IS ALL HEALTHY. And shortly after that, I first ran across Medicine Man's website,  Here was a whole online course, guiding people step-by-step through a 7-day colon cleansing process, and it felt to me like a good first step to be taking toward having my whole body really be all healthy.

So I signed up and did a 14-day precleanse period, and then did the 7-day formal cleanse, ending yesterday. With Medicine Man's guidance the cleanse was easy to do. I didn't get hungry during the precleanse, or during the formal 7-day cleanse. And I had major good results.


1. I dropped about a GALLON and a QUART of solidified mucus that was blocking my large intestine. This would be pretty unbelievable if I hadn't seen it myself. And there it was! Some was heavy sludge; a lot was in chicken-liver-sized pieces; some was in larger pieces, a few up to a foot long. That amount of this heavy material must have weighed around 8 pounds! I was carrying all that, inside my colon, where, with that much volume, it must have been almost completely blocking the normal, healthy elimination process. Now it's not there anymore, so I won't have the medical problems that could have resulted from it. I see this as a real blessing.

2. The skin in my anus fully healed up.

3. I lightened up physically. Not sure how many pounds went away, but I feel noticeably lighter in my body and look trim in the mirror, and I have pants I couldn't fasten that are fitting nicely again.

4. I lightened up in energy--sluggishness gone!

5. Also lighter in emotions. Finding it easier to not get into being scared-depressed-resentful about the stuff that appears to me very negative in the collective world right now. Easier to smile. I'm having softer, more slowed-down feelings in talking to people.

6. Also lighter in appearance. In June I met some people for the first time when I took a week-long course with them. I saw some of them again yesterday, and three of them didn't recognize me at first!

7. I'm seeing cleansing as not only a benefit in itself, but also a starting-point or doorway to lot of PRACTICAL learning about how to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy in a human body. If you sign up and take the course, as you start reading Medicine Man's e-mails you'll begin seeing that yourself, right off the bat. A whole new approach to being a healthy human, and it's all practical!

8. I got inspired by reading the postings from other cleansers on the website every day! The online group is a major factor in why the course works so well. The more experienced cleansers in the group give good tips and perspectives to the newer ones. Quite a few times my own questions got answered when they got asked by someone else.

The quality of the HPS website, and of the instructional e-mails from Medicine Man, is excellent. It's a large amount of detailed material, very creatively put together so that it's not only easy to learn, but--more important--easy to put in practice. The information in each e-mail comes to you at the point in the cleanse process when you're ready for it. And you get lots of timely reminders about points that are especially important.

I feel Medicine Man's whole presentation is a good example of really high-quality teaching. Also an example of good business practice--delivering MORE than what's promised!

I'll be glad to answer anyone's questions about my own experiences doing Level 1, and you can e-mail me at 



Cleansing since 10/09/2002

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

David_M, Age 54
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Blood Pressure Coming Down

Quality of life means a lot to me. So I was disappointed, to say the least, a few years ago when I had to have my tonsils removed. Like so many people, I'd been conditioned by American life to believe that it's normal to encounter health problems as you age, and that you may indeed lose body parts to the surgeons just to prolong your life. 

The tonsil problems were a warning sign, but I was too blind to understand that at the time. My health continued its slow deterioration until finally, last summer, my blood pressure was so high that I knew something had to be done. After extensive research I came to the conclusion that drugs were of no lasting benefit, but would just delay the steady rise in my blood pressure until they no longer proved effective. I wanted to get to the root cause of my hypertension and remedy it, and that led me to Jos-hua's program. 

Rather than address only one or a few specific issues, like obesity or high blood pressure, Jos-hua's approach addresses the whole body ... the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects ... in terms of bringing everything back into balance. And when you think about it, you start out in life as a perfectly balanced baby. What you eat and do during your life either maintains that balance reasonably well, or throws it way out of kilter. I was way out of kilter by the time I was 50, and I lost my tonsils as a result. 

After the first cleanse under Jos-hua's guidance, I experienced a notable change in my appearance, my attitude, and my physical health. It wasn't a miracle cure, but it confirmed my faith that Jos-hua is promoting healing practices that have substance and that really work. 

After my second cleanse, I now feel like a different person. My blood pressure is nearly normal, although I expect it will not truly normalize without further effort on my part, including making permanent changes in my lifestyle based on the good health practices I'm learning through Jos-hua's program.  Still, to take my BP from a high of over 200/100 to around 130/70 in roughly 5 months is in my mind quite remarkable. 

The point is, Jos-hua helps you learn to set the "causes and conditions" so that your body can heal itself ... you actually root out and remove the sources of your problems, as opposed to just treating the symptoms with drugs or surgery. 

In summary, finding Jos-hua's program is like finding a gem in a field of stones. 
Get involved and you'll learn how to live a lifestyle that is fulfilling, satisfying, and brings joy to life. 

Can you turn back the clock? 

Within reason, I think so! I'm 54, and a year ago I'd have said I'd be doing good to reach 60. Now I'm much more optimistic ... I expect I'll be able to hit 70, and be in excellent health for my age ... it's a goal that's within my reach now. 



Cleansing since 3/26/2002 

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Jake_W, Age 49
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
The majority of my pains are gone and my energy levels have exploded.

This program is wonderful! 

Jos-hua's knowledge, caring and support along with the online group were instrumental in making this experience so worthwhile. It is the most effective and efficient way to help me take back control of my health. 

After dealing with the medical community for 2 decades for sinus problems, arthritis, TMJ, jaw surgeries (2) and the fusion of two disks in my neck I knew there had to be an alternative to taking pain pills, muscle relaxers, etc.. When my blood pressure and cholesterol elevated to the point my doctor prescribed drugs, I complied with the doctor's orders and a warning bell went off. I didn't want to be like my mother at age 70 taking a dozen or more pills a day. 

Add to that my nearly workaholic tendencies, waning energy levels and continual aches and pains what was left over to enjoy my sons and grandchildren was disappearing. I was beginning to feel old in my 40s. 

Becoming a vegetarian was the first step in discovering the power of food. But I wasn't a healthy vegetarian. With my 60-70 hour work schedule I found my staple diet becoming Dr. Pepper and peanut butter crackers. I'd get home in the evenings too tired to cook and crash on the couch. Last year I slowly began changing my eating habits but when I broke out with facial herpes I knew I had to do more. 

I'm blessed to have learned of Jos-hua's program. I joined at the first of the year and began following the nutrition advice. I just finished my Level 1 cleanse and I feel great. 

What Jos-hua advocates in this program is RIGHT ON track. 

The majority of my pains are gone and my energy levels have exploded. I sleep through the night and am better able to stay focused. My sinuses are clear. 
The added bonus was the 11 pounds I lost. 

On Level 1 I worked on the physical symptoms and just barely scratched the surface of the spiritual aspect of this program. That will be my focus on Level 2. I'm so excited to be on this new path of discovery and growth. 




Cleansing since 2/25/2002 

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Paul, Age 37
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Curing CFS and mystery diseases

A tooth had been bothering me a bit. I went to see my 'holistic' dentist, and she found I had a severe infection and would need to have a molar removed and replaced with bridgework - at a total cost of 4K!!! (3K after insurance). 

She said there is no way to reverse the infection, that it just doesn't happen... at the time, knowing that the body will heal anything under the right conditions, I thought to myself, no thanks...  I decided I needed to cleanse... so I searched the Web and there I found HPS - a cleansing community online!! BULLS EYE!!! When I read the information provided on the site, it was a PERFECT fit with everything I have myself learned and unlearned about health and nutrition in the past 7 years. 

Getting back to my dentist... all I can say is, I assume none of her patients have done the HPS program! The best of the program for me is the support - it means a great deal to me, because my family, friends and coworkers do not understand why I want to live the way I am trying to, and have tried to for years now. And I have never been the most self-disciplined person by any means - my own worst enemy at times despite what I know (surprise - I am human!) 

But to sum up... there is no need for anyone to go through all I did with my health over the years. You can prevent painful, debilitating mystery diseases that are running rampant, diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CFS (that is what the doctors call what I had). You cure them most easily before they start. If you already have CFS or another mystery disease, you still cure it, but you just likely need 4 or more 7 day cleanses to do the job depending on how toxic the colon, liver and body are. I'll have to ask Jos-hua how many cleanses it usually takes for someone newly diagnosed with CFS for them to be symptom-free - I would guess, three. 

If you have a mouthful of poison amalgam fillings, or root canals, do HPS before you get the fillings out - you will probably find you don't need to have them out unless you want to (small quantities of toxins do not bother a healthy person). I still have a root canal, but it is of no concern to me. 

Okay... we have established that this HPS 7 day cleansing programs with proper nutrition and health practices in between cure CFS. But... given the attitudes of modern society, just try to find any individual with the willpower to follow such a program on their own without support! 

That is why you don't hear of many CFS cures outside of HPS.

That includes myself before HPS (I never felt I got to 100% healthy until HPS). If you have an acronym in your health, it is time to lose it! 

I used to have a Health and Disease site of my own. I don't need to put up another health website, unless a link to HPS is right at the top. 

To sum...the right information - the TRUTH about health - is at HPS. Thanks and god bless... A final word...if you are underweight as I tend to be - not to worry! You can and should fast! I did for 9 days and was not hungry on the 9th day. Your weight will normalize perfectly on this program. Please email me at  



Cleansing since 12/27/2001 

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Nathan_C, Age 30
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- It is impossible to love to your fullest if you are full of shit

Jos-hua et al, 

The time has come for the Level III Summary. 


That just about says it all. I am still having some b/o since this cleanse, and still some minor trouble with my hands (I am starting to use voice typing software to truly let them heal), and interestingly my scalp is itching after about a year and a half of not doing so (this smells of healing crises to me, but it also might be a return to a more American style of eating, although less than ever). 

It is interesting, because I am always harping at people to stop worrying about their weight, and do it for the health…but I look great. 

I look better than I have in years, and as my weight cycles up and down (this is normal for me), the average weight is heading south, and I am spending a great deal of time lighter than I was in college, or at the same weight. This is a lot of fun. 

The most important thing though, is I can feel the love (interestingly I am much more responsive to hate now too…). 

It is impossible to love to your fullest extent if you are full of shit. This is both a literal and figurative statement, and just as figurative movements have literal effects, the literal movement of eliminating all the shit that is binding your life energy from flowing, the figurative effect of healing the broken emotional pathways we all have is achieved. 

I am in an interesting and frustrating place. It feels like I am halfway (I am), and I have done so poorly at this (watching Kimberlie my girlfriend doing level one I am realizing that I didn’t really even effectively do a level one), I feel as though I should go back to the beginning and start over. My discipline has been horrible, although my intentions correct. I haven’t been able to meditate to save my life for almost a year now, aside from a few isolated instances. 

The thing is that the effect has been amazing, truly. I think that fasting is much like what happened when I achieved my blackbelt. As you get better at it, you truly start to realize how far you have to go, and how much work there is to do to refine ones self control, and daily routine. 

Interestingly, I don’t have to run even every week to be in good enough shape to go out and run five miles at a reasonable pace. Even when I only do my yoga five days a month it keeps me in shape, I cant wait until I can manage to do it every day. 

I am on to the hard stuff…eliminating habits…all of them. To live every day like it was not my last, but the first. To live not like I am going to die tomorrow, but like I’m going to live tomorrow. 

That is the task at hand. Living. 

Who would have thought that this could all be achieved by learning to eat and shit properly? Who knew? 

Jos-hua knew. 

Thanks man. I appreciate it, my parents appreciate it (they don’t fast or cleanse, but they have lost weight, are eating reasonably well, doing Yoga, and enjoy the fact that I’m not crazy as a bug and running around like a chicken with my head cut off anymore), and Kimberlie appreciates it (well, she’s doing it!). 

Love and Light,


Cleansing since 7/27/2001 

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Arlene_B,  Age 29
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- It keeps getting better!!! 

Hello everyone, 

After my first level 1 cleanse back in December '01, 2001 I experienced several positive physical and mental changes like a decrease in bloating, gas, clogged sinuses, stronger immune system (no flu this season), an increased awareness of the senses, an abundance of peace and patience, and a tremendous burst of energy and mental clarity. 

Although I felt like I had been cleaned out pretty good, I knew that my body still housed putrefying junk, you know, the consequences of eating too much fast food, chemically processed stuff, refined sugar and flour, etc..

So I signed up for level 2, expecting an even deeper rejuvenation and knowing that removing even more toxins would set the proper environment for healing and repair. There was definitely no going back! 

I completed my level 2 cleanse 3 weeks ago and had all of the positive results of level 1 but on a much larger scale. 

1) In addition, my metabolism has increased.

2) Appetite is under control and I always crave veggies and fruits for energy. 

3) I don't need as much sleep, average 5-6 hours a night and I sleep soundly and dream.

4) My skin and eyes are bright. 

5) I used to have irregular periods but now they've normalized and are on schedule.

6) I don't have full blown seasonal allergies anymore, it starts as a tickle in the throat and goes away! 

7) I have a deeper respect for myself and compassion for others. 

My outlook has shifted to a more positive one, and the things that used to easily annoy me don't anymore. I also feel more connected to my inner self. 

To sum it all up, I expected a lot... what I got out of it surpassed all my expectations and I am a better, happier person! I thank God for blessing me and leading me to this program. I'm also thankful that we are blessed with such a generous, caring teacher, Jos-hua, and for all you cleansers who are so supportive. 

For all you Level 1'rs who aren't sure about moving on, Level 2 actually gets easier because you have the "skills" and experience in place, and even though it is more involved it is not difficult at all. Remember how good you felt after level 1? Well, there are more benefits to be claimed if you step further down the cleansing path. 

Jos-hua's service to us, his advice and the encouragement of other cleansers are what makes this program work! I cannot put a price on all the great wonderful things that resulted from these past 2 levels. 

Peace and Blessings, 



Cleansing since 11/10/2001 

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Jared_M, Age 18
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial - Eczema gone, spiritual purity realized 


It may seem odd to those skeptics reading this to see an 18 year old doing a cleanse, or it may be a beautiful thing to see!! 

Anybody can cleanse their body and get incredible results on so many more levels as well! 

Personally, the spiritual quest that has driven all of my motives in the past 6 months led me to purify my body, and after countless different methods I discovered HPS Online, the 7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse Level 1 fast/cleanse, and a level of energy and intimacy with my body never before felt. 

Once you clean out all that crap, you get to feel the barebones, the bedrock, your physical foundation, and then it really gets interesting as your newfound ability to sift through even deeper layers flourishes. I pour Spirit into all aspects of my life, and it only became magnified after there were little or no toxins left in my body to interfere with divine communion at all moments. 

On a more "practical" level, as a result of rapid spiritual evolution my body had already begun to throw off physical and emotional toxins accumulated over the years, resulting in a nasty skin eruption lasting for several months before the 7 day formal fast sped up the sluggish toxin removal to the degree that I am quickly healing. Eczema faded into the background. 

The skin heals quickly when you are healthy!! 

On top of this, the constipation I suffered much of my life, though not extreme except on occasion, has been completely replaced by swift, VOLUMINOUS, regular bowel movements that make you want to hop off the toilet once finished and skip through the day. If you have the discipline to take initiative for your health, there is literally nothing so convenient and affordable as an online cleanse with HPS. Literally. I've searched. 

Namaste to all potential cleansers, and all fellow souls in general! 



Cleansing since 3/9/2002 

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William_W, Age 60
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Its more than just cleansing! 

My level 2 testimony… 

On line guided program benefits: 

The major benefits I received from the program were related to the activity that I really had to push myself to do, that is the daily inputting of the cleanse results each day. It resulted in timely responses to questions, comments, advice, and encouragement from the support group that were very helpful. 

Impact on my health: My overall health continued to be excellent as it was at the completion of the level one program. There must be some obvious external health signs other than the loss of additional pounds from 185 to 175 for someone who is 6’4" with a small frame. I mention this because of several comments of "what are you doing, you’ve lost weight but you look so good" and "tell me more about your cleansing and detoxification program". My response of course is to share some info and send them e-mail with the HPS web page. 

Mental benefits: By incorporating the level 2 programs of Tibetan and breathing exercises I have found that I am calm, at peace, and extremely patient as I work through the various issues of life. 

Outlook on life: Many things health-wise seem to be falling into place, especially heath matters. Foods taste better, air smells better, and issues seem to get resolved better. 

Overall program benefits: The program’s contribution to my overall lifestyle has been quite dramatic. I believe a lot of it has to do with the additional required reading, the application of the concepts learned, and the support group interactions. The HPS 7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse programs are more than a colon cleansing and detoxification program. 



Cleansing since 12/14/2001 

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Debbie_L, Age 41
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- A different person

Hi All

I have purposely delayed my testimonial until two weeks after my cleanse because I wanted to write something that would reflect real changes - not just my feelings coming off the high of the cleanse (and it was a high!).

So, it has been two weeks since the formal cleanse and I feel like a different person, I THINK like a different person.  

There were so many great things that happened to me because of the cleanse I'm not even sure where I begin.  

First, I am so much lighter - not just in body (I lost 18 pounds between the pre-cleanse and the actual cleanse) but more importantly in mind.  

Taking that week to totally focus on me, my mind and my body was very beneficial.  

I no longer "rush" through the day, Im so much more calmer and more focused.  Somewhere in those three weeks of pre and formal cleansing, I lost the interest in judging others for what they say or do. 

Don't ask me where it went.  It's just gone.  That to me is a wonderful, wonderful thing. 

I'm so much happier for it! 

Physically, besides the weight loss, my skin at 41, looks like the skin of someone in their 20s.  Soft, glowing - peaches and cream my husband and friends tell me.  Nice benefit! 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome seems to be a thing of the past. I actually get floaters! 

And since we can talk about this stuff here, let me mention the size!  Pencils are gone and have been replaced by "oh my!  Look at that" size.  I dont think Ive seen that since I was a kid; and although my hemms are still with me, they are quiet because there is no more pushing going on.  Stuff just fall out....naturally 

I have also found that my formerly breakable fingernails are now growing and growing quickly.  Interesting....  And me tell you about energy.  I didn't know how lethargic I actually was. 

Now Im zipping around the house doing all the things I should have been doing all along but my wonderful husband was taking care of.  

Oh, and bloating after eating ....a thing of the past!  And I sleep so soundly now.

I NEVER NEVER NEVER want to go back to that person I was prior to the cleanse.  I have already made some important lifestyle changes. 

First, I changed our toothpaste, soap and deodorant to all-natural products to start with (cleaning products to come). 

Second, I do my apple juice and psy in the AM, eat fruit until Noon and have made the commitment to eat at least 50% raw at every meal.  I have lost all interest in red meat, although I will still eat fish or chicken (organic only) at least a couple of times a week. 

My favorite lunch is a whole grain tortilla stuffed with grated beets, carrots, sprouts, lettuce, squash and any other veggie I find in the fridge. This, I can say, my body actually craves. 

This is so different for me!  All of it!  So different!  I also do my brushing and breathing and and and....oh!  there is almost too much to write here!

I get so emotional when I think about where my health was headed.  I am so grateful that God led me to Jos-hua and this website.  

This cleansing program is so comprehensive, so clear and so guided that really all one has to be able to do is read and follow directions. 

Your body takes care of the rest -naturally.  It is what it is designed to do.   

From the materials we get to read -  to the audio clips we are given to listen to - we are directed so carefully, so loving to achieve the highest goal - total vibrant health in body and mind. 

This entire website is a work of art and a miracle for those who choose to take its gift.

I cant wait to begin my second level of cleansing....I still have a blood pressure and thyroid problem that needs to be dealt with and I know that continuing down this path and doing all of the cleanses WILL address those issues and eliminate them for me. 

I love this journey and I tell everyone who has ears to listen - check it out, read the info at the website, understand what is going on in your body and make the commitment to change! 

The truth is in your heart - just listen to it!

Sending peace and love to all,



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