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Subject: 7DW... I have a husband and four children (ages 2-11) who were extremely supportive during this cleanse.

From: "Lorna" <cleanseit@juno.com>, 08 Feb, 2001

Hello Jos-hua,

I just completed an 8 day Seven Wonder Program after doing a three week precleanse.

I have not felt this good in 38 years!

The precleanse made me more aware of eating healthy foods, and exploring the vegetarian route a bit more. I love food combining; food combining alone I lost three pounds in five days! During the Precleanse I lost seven pounds, and during the cleanse I lost 12.

The funny thing is, I didn't do this cleanse to lose weight (just a really nice side-effect) but to clean out my body and start the new year with new goals for healthy living!

Another nice side effect was that I slept like a log which I don't usually do.

Also, I had problems with gas before which I have not had since precleansing.

But my greatest change is in my hands, my exczema is beginning to heal, after splitting and bleeding during the cleanse. I'm not using any lotion and this morning they felt better than they have in months and they didn't bleed today either. The only thing different in my routine is that I cleansed!

My other goal was to learn how to be more calm and through Dan Reid's book about H, S, and L, I am learning about deep breathing (I love this) and conserving energy. I even found some books to learn T'ai Chi and books with recipes on food combining!

The colenema board was actually easy to figure out, easy to use, and though it was a lot of work, it was a relief to get rid of the unwanted internal baggage. I was nervous about hunger on the cleanse, but it was a piece of cake because of the herbals and juice shakes. When I did feel hungry it was quite tolerable. I learned to enjoy the smell of food, and will make smelling my food before consuming it part of the eating experience. I look forward to a week of postcleansing with healthy foods, and then in later weeks including a little more variety; especially eating more Indian, Chinese, and Thai foods! Best of all I think I learned how to enjoy eating less and feeling satisfied with that instead of eating for eating's sake.

I have a husband and four children (ages 2-11) who were extremely supportive during this cleanse. They took over the kitchen so I could take it easy. Now they are eating more fruit and drinking soy milk. My husband even got me a citrus juicer to make juicing faster.

Finally, my favorite part of the cleansing experience was the online support group. Every question was answered quickly, honestly, and cheerfully. Jo-hua was there, right by my side the entire time, as were so many others who were willing to share their experience and knowledge to help me with anything. You can't beat this!

Thanks Jos-hua, for offering HPS to the world and helping making our lives a more fulfilling experience. Thanks for guiding me on my cleansing path, I look forward to future cleanses with you and the gang.

Love and Light,

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Subject: 7 Day Wonder cleanse... bad bad acne for years, I tried everything! Now going, going, gone.

From: "Sebastian Leery" <sebastianleery@visto.com> 07 Feb, 2001

Hello Jos-hua,

It has been a month since my first 7 Day Wonder and I have just one thing to say: the human body is capable of some unbelievably AMAZING stuff! I must admit, even though I knew my acne was caused by toxicity, I never once imagined my body possessed such massive healing powers.

These are the events that started to unfold about 3-4 weeks after my cleanse:

First I noticed my acne shrink and any pimple that appeared would disappear a day later. I never had that happen before without using any topical medication. As I continued to eat healthy and rebuild I noticed skin with no acne begin to turn yellow. I felt a burning sensation and saw some inflammation around the area. I was a little freaked out but I felt that this was some kind of healing crisis and had to be a good thing. After a couple of days the burning spread and soon my cheeks and forehead were all covered with yellow scabs. It was dried up skin. I could feel it was going to peel and it DID! The skin would turn white and peel off. It was like I had a bad sunburn only it was the middle of winter. After the skin peeled, young fresh skin replaced it. This has done wonders for my scarring.

This has never happened before and I was really excited when it did. People that saw me said wow are you using Retin-A/Accutane? Accutane is a very very harsh medication for acne and I took it as a great compliment since I didn't have to take any drugs to get these fantastic results.

I now know my body wants to get rid of the acne just as much as I do and would have started sooner if it felt it was able to.

It wasn’t until I finally WOKE UP and stopped abusing it that it responded.

Thank You Jos-hua!

Love and Light,

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Subject: 7DW: I didn't have the money to pay you, yet you still let me cleanse with the full HPS support and guidance. WOW. Thank you. The constipation is gone...and the journey towards excellent health has begun.

Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001, To: colenema@hps-online.com

From: "Sebastian Leery" <sebastianleery@visto.com>

Dear Jos-hua,

How is everything? Where are you located and what are you up to?

I know so little about the man that practically saved my life. I am writing this letter because I want to and feel that I need to.

I am writing this letter to say thank you for your incredible kindness and amazing generosity.

I am a complete stranger to you and you’ve opened your heart to me like a brother. I have given you nothing and yet you have given me everything.

There are very few people in our world that can do what you do and I’m not just talking about your medical expertise.

It’s the kindness of your heart and the warmth of your soul that distinguishes you from the herds of people who only care about material wealth and prestige. You are a true angel. Someone I can honorably look up to as a role model. Heh, I’ve never had a role model before, it’s a nice feeling to know you’re striving to be a better person.

I had begun the 7-day wonder program because I wanted to regain my health.

I had spent my childhood eating almost nothing but processed foods supplemented with cooked and fried delights. I ate almost nothing raw. I didn’t have a single problem except severe constipation for as long as I can remember. I thought it was normal and didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Then, first year of High School, I started breaking out with acne.

It took about half a year and my whole face was consumed with red boils. It took me 4 years to put two and two together and finally see the correlation between my acne and my diet.

I can honestly say that thanks to you I have found the cure.

The 7-day wonder is it!

I was broke and couldn’t afford it and yet you still gave me a chance.

Not only was I able to do the 7-day program but was also able to extend it because I simply didn’t want to stop the incredible progress I was making.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind about your cleansing programs and I will try to continue through all the levels as soon as I am able to be a paying customer. I had done two previous cleanses before [elsewhere], one of them being a water only fast, and this [the HPS 7 DAY WONDER cleanse™] is the only one where I was actually able to see what was making me sick.

Although I expelled at least 10 pounds of the stuff I ended the program feeling as though I have an endless supply of this atrophic matter. After so many years of malnutrition I’m not surprised if it would take at least 2 more cleanses before I begin to see some real healing power.

I felt amazingly energetic after each colenema though, and it always kept me going. I never felt hungry, only the taste of food was something I missed.

The HPS cleansing mate audio clips and HPS netwonder support were definitely a favorite of mine because they really helped me feel more at ease with the whole cleansing process. You were very helpful when I asked for your advice and helped me understand what cleansing is all about.

When I finished the program I felt very strong. A little strange considering I didn’t eat for 10 days. Over the following days I began to gain more energy and after a week I’m even getting up earlier. I used to just squander in bed in the morning.

Everything seems so much lighter and the energy surge is just incredible.

Best of all the constipation is gone! I’m actually having about 3 bowel movements per day!

This program changed the way I look at food and helped me understand what eating healthy really means. It has set me on the course to great health and finally stopped the years and years of emaciation. I’m not turning back now!

I am going to recuperate and bring my physical state into excellence. I hope you can give me guidance along the way too. You have my eternal friendship. I will never forget you and will keep in touch always.

Love and Light,


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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

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