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Scott_G, Age 33
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- The 7 Day Wonder program of HPS cleansing opens the window to a lifetime journey of responsibility and self discovery...

The 7 Day Wonder program of HPS cleansing is not a "quick fix".  You won't find any easy answers or magic bullet cures. 

However, it opens the window to a lifetime journey of responsibility and self-discovery that can take you to levels of health and well being that you might not have imagined.  

The program is progressive, integrative, and packed with practical information about your body, the causes of dis-ease, and the things we can all do to maximize our well being. 

The cleansing principle stands up not only in theory, but in practice, and each cleanser discovers for him or herself exactly what can happen when they start to clean out their bodies from years of unbalance and abuse.

After each cleanse, I have had a feeling of "that's it, now I've done it," because I felt so much better than before the cleanse.  Little did I know exactly how much work there was to do, and how good I could feel once I got there!  

Now, after level three, I realize that I am NOT finished, but that the good feeling I have now can not only be maintained, but actually increased by progressing further and applying the principles of this program in my life on a daily basis.  This program is about life change, and it gives you the tools you need to make those changes. 

Besides the amazing design and support from Jos-hua, the great information in the required resources, surely one of the biggest benefits of the program is the group itself. 

Our cleansing community shares a special bond, and we support each other as we progress together towards vitality. 

The group itself IS vital...full of life...and it enhances my existence each and every day, whether I am cleansing, just participating in the group, or making a choice about food in a restaurant with my friends.   A perfect resource for the modern age to help us overcome the problems of our modern lifestyle.

love and light,


Cleansing since 10/16/2000

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Anton_P, Age 43
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Bladder, diaphram, lungs, greatly improve

Hello Everyone,

I have just finished level 3 of Jos-hua's cleansing system. 

My organ functioning is most definitely enhanced. 

I am breathing easier and more fully.  My diaphragm feels like it is floating up and down instead of rigid and tight. My bladder seems to have expanded to hold 4 times what it did previous to this cleanse, and urination is a full and gratifying experience.

This is my third cleanse in a year and I have lost over 50 pounds, maybe even 60! I wish I knew exactly, but I usually top out at 225-230 and weigh 175 now.

I feel lighter in every facet of my being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The support I have received has been challenging, appropriate and good for me. I have been supported and helped through the rough times, and the tiniest needed information was given to me on request.

The material and education one receives through this cleansing program alone is priceless. I am talking about increasing YOUR knowledge of health, self, and enjoyment of life many times.

If you like value, this is by far the best deal I have ever come across. 

For not many dollars, you will enjoy superior health, a kind of feeling that is so wonderful to remember.

I  am so glad I started and continue to do this process. It is a real and lasting way I can give to, and love, myself .

I encourage you to start now, today, you will be more than glad you did!   


Cleansing since 8/22/2001

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Saurabh_D, Age 27
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- So happy I did this! 

Greetings everyone,

I completed my 7 Day Wonder Level 1 cleanse a few weeks ago.  

I must say that doing it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life (and I'm not even talking about the 16 pounds I lost). What I gained in terms of experience and insight and support has been so valuable I can hardly put words to it. 

The price is so low and reasonable and the cause it supports so noble that it is easily worth 10 times as much. I have every intention to continuing beyond this first cleanse into further levels of cleansing.  

I am now "on the cleansing path".  Being on the path is EASY.  It requires nothing more than following simple instructions.  In fact, the first step is just realizing that cleansing exists and that people are doing it everyday, and it is safe and infinitely effective.

Those of you who are reading this for the first time, please realize that cleansing is like any other aspect of hygiene that  is taught to us - like taking a bath, washing your hands, or brushing your teeth.  Join this wonderful community in your quest for great health - you will be so incredibly happy that you did.

With love,


Cleansing since 7/12/2002  

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Joy, Age 44
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Where I was negative before, I can now see the positive.  

Its been almost 2 weeks since my cleanse and it just keeps getting better.  

As far as I can tell this program positively affects all aspects of your life. 

Not only the physical but also your spiritual and emotional well-being.  

Where I was negative before, I can now see the positive.  

The depression that I lived with for so many years has now gone. I suffered with daily headaches, irritability, and fatigue.  Now things of the past for the most part. 

Physically my body alternated between constipation and diarrhea, never finding a middle ground. 

Today I live on that middle ground.  

I've also had sharp pain in my ovaries for the past two years.  This was such a great concern to me.  And even though doctors could find nothing wrong, I just knew if something wasn't done I would eventually be diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Today I am pain free. 

What a difference 7 days can make.

The support you get is incredible.  Everyone in the group has "been there, done that" and are willing to help in any way they possibly can.  That along with Jos-hua Medicine Man's personal knowledge and experience is a perfect recipe for success.

There are a lot of people out there pushing a lot of products. With HPS you learn to take responsibility for your own health and well-being with support and expert knowledge.  And the price to do so is exceptionally minimal for the benefits that you receive. 

And they can last a lifetime.

Wishing you great health.................Joy

Cleansing since 8/27/2002   

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Steve, Age 53,
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level1 cleanse.
Testimonial- I feel great!

Hello Everyone,

Back from a quick 5 day road trip and wanted to tell everyone how I've felt for the last week since I ended my formal cleanse. 

After I did the final colenema (home colonics irrigation) last Sat. and broke the fast on apples I was very weak throughout the day.  I had a salad in the afternoon and vegetable soup in the evening and that seemed to help. 

The next day I seemed to have regained most of my energy. 

I have to say the experience of cleansing was something very new and all together wonderful trip for me.  

At first, as with anything new, I was a little bit nervous, but with the support group and the beautiful guidance of  the Medicine Man all fears were put to rest.

I'm looking forward to moving on to Level 2 and beyond.

Even though I have been on the road for the last week my energy level has stayed pretty good and now that I am back home seems to be getting stronger yet.  I've been eating mostly fruits and nuts the first part of the day and a large fresh salad at the end of the day.  Summertime is such a great time of year with all the fresh fruit and vegetables available it makes eating the right Way easy. 

I would have to say the 1st and 2nd day of the cleanse were probably the best for me.  I seemed to have lightened  my load considerably, mentally and physically. 

As I stated in my last post on day 7 of my cleanse, I would like to get to that feeling of exhilaration forever. 

It was one of the greatest, natural highs I've ever felt.  I believe by continuing through the rest of the levels I may reach this goal. 

I would like to encourage anyone who is contemplating this program to get started at your earliest convenience.  

The sooner you start the sooner you will start feeling better and reclaiming your health for yourself and not the so called medical profession. 

Once I did get started the information starts coming in fast and furious so I would like to suggest and this I got from one of the fellow cleansers through the support group and that is to get a 3 ring binder and put all printed emails in there and high light the very important info to get it right the 1st time. 

I did this and the binder has now become a very important part of my library.  I would like to thank jos-hua, and my fellow cleansers for their support via the web, and look forward to your posting and continued interactions.  

Love and Light.........Steve  

Cleansing since 8/10/2002  

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Ed W, Age 63
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimonial- Prostate Reduced in Size

Hi Jos-hua and all cleansers,

Well here I am again a few months after finishing my cleanse and finally able to get the computer away from Pat.

I am still pumped from cleansing my body!
Every day is still an adventure.

I have been trying to regain some weight, so have started to do some upper body weight workout and eating some extra protein.

I have been walking about 2.5-3 miles every day possible (even in the rain some days), but this has only helped the cardio-vascular and legs not the upper body.

I just had my annual physical and my PCP gave me a fine bill of health. He seems to think that this 63 year old body is only about 40.

* My prostate has decreased in size.

* Some skin lesions have disappeared.

* A couple of my toenails are in the process of growing out with new nail and no fungus.

I will be getting my cholesterol and PSA checked this weekend (the only time I can fast and get to to have my blood drawn without loosing time from work). I will post again after I get the results, which I expect to be very positive.

I have only good things to say about the cleansing program that Jos-hua has set up for our benefit. I hope that nothing changes in the way it has been working, simply because IT WORKS! My father always said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Well I am surprised that I have gone on as long as I have since I am usually very quiet and don't say much even in private. Ask Pat.

God Bless,

Cleansing since 6/16/2002 

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Val, Age 49
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- I am in utter amazement at what has come out of me. 

Thank-you Jos-hua!!!!!!!!!

I have not felt this good in 25 years or more!!

I am bursting with energy....... My mind is clear and focused and I am driving my family nuts with enthusiasm about colenema's and fasting!!!!!!!!!!  :-))

I am in utter amazement at what has come out of me........... this has and will... change my life forever! this has and will... change my life forever! this has and will... change my life forever!



Cleansing since 01/22/2001

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Obie_W, Age 36
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse.
Testimony- I've done many, many herbal colon cleanses but they are like dinosaurs in comparison to the Space Shuttle, in relation to this program.

Hi Folks,

Well, I made it! 

Day 7 went well, and except for some hunger pangs here and there, I still feel pretty good.

Mostly mucusy crap came out during the morning and evening colonemas, mixed with the brown stuff. We'll be breaking our fast tomorrow with apples, and on Saturday we'll be pigging out on some serious salads.

I must say that I am very pleased and happy that I went through with this, and out of all the health-improvement programs that I have tried over the past ten years or so, this one has been more noticeably beneficial.

I've done many, many herbal colon cleanses, but they are like dinosaurs in comparison to the Space Shuttle, in relation to this program.

It was exciting to see some of that rubbery, snakelike stuff come out of me and be sent to doo-doo heaven.

I had read about and seen all of those pictures of that stuff coming out of people, but this is the first time that I saw it first-hand, STRAIGHT from my own bowels!

Bonita had some, too, and we both realize now that we had time-bombs ticking inside of us. I'll admit to Joshua that I had no intention of doing any more levels, but after this, I believe that I'll have to do levels 2, 3, and 4 at some point in the future. If there's any more of that SHIT inside of me, IT HAS GOT TO GO!!

I'll be back and update you all about how my post-cleanse is going---hope I don't pig out on Buffalo Wings and Heinekens on Super Bowl Sunday. Any suggestions for healthy, tasty, SPICY finger food please e-mail me! Hang in there Lorna, Val, and Jarrett--it's definitely worth it!

Love To All,  Obie


Cleansing since 01/17/2001

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Jarrett, Age 36
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- My cleansing experiences wouldn't have been 1/10th as effective and smooth without HPS to guide me.


HPS is the place to cleanse if you want the proper support, guidance and information and are serious about cleansing.

People should realize that from the informative, well designed website that you have created.

If they don't realize it they weren't meant to be on the path. It is just that simple. You are right...HPS should be swamped with people b/c this is something everyone could benefit from.

You have done a great thing Jos-hua. My cleansing experiences wouldn't have been 1/10th as effective and smooth without you to guide me.

Love and light,


Cleansing since 01/27/2001

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Nathan, Age 29
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- ... I think I saw the keys to my old Volvo.

Jos-hua et al,

I guess I'm afraid that I'm doing something wrong because its so easy and good feeling.

Listen to me!  I am feeling suspicious of feeling good!  That's  how unused to it I am...

I am DEFINITELY interested in continuing to a level 2 cleanse.

I didn't get the chance to start until Monday morning. I started dropping all this weird rubbery tan stuff, shaped like an intestine, alternating with fibrous ropy bunches of black stuff (with what looked like psychedelic mushroom stems left over from college...no kidding). 

I dropped about four feet of the rubbery stuff, and I have been dropping pounds and pounds of the black junk.  I cant believe that I could live with that in me.

I can manage a half gallon to a gallon at a time on the board, and then it just gets uncomfortable, so I hold it as long as I can, and then just explode, dropping all sorts of stuff. I think I saw the keys to my old Volvo.

Is it ok to start dropping this early?  I feel great too, and I haven't eaten in more than 52 hours. 

I would imagine that I have dropped about 5-10 lbs of waste.  It has been that voluminous.

And I can smell a restaurant a mile away.



Cleansing since 04/11/2000

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Stephen, Age 41
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- The information and support is phenomenal. 

The HPS 7-Day Wonder program worked very well for me and I can whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their health.

No! I did not have a ‘miraculous cure’, but then I never had anything terminally wrong with me in the first place; I just wanted to clear up a few things and prevent that terminal thing from ever happening or at least delaying it for as long as I could. My general health was poor, that’s all, but now that path is changing and the prospect of me living a much longer, happier life is clearly on the horizon.

Should you, or anyone else, have any doubts about the services offered by HPS then let me assure you that you get exactly what is offered, plus a lot lot more.

The information and support is phenomenal, not only from the HPS people themselves, but also from the real people actually doing programs at the time you will likely do yours, many of them like you, and as I was, first timers, and many others returning for their 2nd, 3rd or 4th program.

That in itself speaks volumes!

I had many anxieties before starting the program too, and also whilst I was doing the program, but these soon dissolved when I realised that I was not alone; I always got the right amount of support whenever it was needed plus a lot of additional help and information.

Thus, I can highly recommend the 7-Day Wonder program without reservation to anyone who takes their health care seriously.

I hope my words can help guide you towards doing something positive for your own health too, or at the very least, offer you some comfort and help ease any anxiety or hesitation that you might be currently experiencing whilst you are pondering over what you should do next. Well, do what you feel is the right thing. If it feels right then get it done! That’s what I did! Any questions feel free to mail me on: sdyson@infinnet.co.uk

Stephen, MBA, HNC


Cleansing since 01/19/2001

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Ann, Age 34
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- I thought all the testimonials were B.S. in the beginning, but when you finish this 7 day program you will be a brand new person...

My name is Carletta.

I just finished a HPS 7 Day Wonder and I'd like to share some things with you.

My eating habits were [probably] similar to yours.

I no longer drink coffee but prior to my cleanse, I smoked about a pack a day.

After completing my cleanse yesterday, the only thing I can tell you is that when it's over, you will be a brand new person (you'll feel like one anyway!).

I don't want to sound preachy or anything because I for one thought all the "testimonials" were pure B.S. in the beginning, but you just might want to try a 7 Day Wonder Cleanse.

I have no desire to eat sweets (which I craved like a fiend before) and cigarette smoke makes me feel horrible now (I'm on the patch).

I crave things like red cabbage (go figure?) and salads with all types of veggies.

Now I am telling you this because I was the original "If I gotta die from eating bad, it's gotta be good" girl. The more butter, the more sugar, the more starch, the more grease, the happier I was and the better it tasted.

I would have never believed that it could change in 8 days.

Anyway, you are on the right track and though it may be hard at first, especially with the hours you work, stick with it!

Happy Cleansing,
Carletta (Ann) Booker


Cleansing since 09/24/2000

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Ann, Age 34
3 months later... 30 lbs of weight did not come back!

From:"Ann" <cab3170@hotmail.com> December 19, 2000.

Hello Sebastian, Cleansing Friends, 

For those of you who don't know me, I did the HPS 7 Day Wonder cleanse a few months ago.

FIRST - you must be patient, for the results will come.

The cleanse, as Jos-Hua has said many times, is a journey, not a destination.

For years I have wondered when I will loose weight and keep it off.

I am 30 years old and for 4 years have tried EVERYTHING except stapling my stomach.

Since my cleanse about three months ago, I have lost 30 pounds. I saw no real weight loss until about 3 weeks to a month after the cleanse. I am not exercising anymore than before or taking any diet aids.

I simply followed the instructions of the cleanse / post-cleanse, had faith in what I was being instructed to do, and did it. My body is responding to the new diet and frame of mind as will yours, when you finally allow it to.

Be patient and stick to the program, Sebastian, the results will be well worth the wait.

Carletta (Ann)


Cleansing since 09/24/2000

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Theo, Age 33
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- 20 years of Constipation and Hemorrhoids are a thing of the past!

Hi Joshua,

Since the cleanse I have regular bowel movements, once every day.

To most people who asked me what the effects of my seven day cleanse was, this didn’t seem like a big deal, but for me it’s huge.

I haven’t had normal bowel movements since, well, as long as I can remember.

I used to go once or twice a week, and I usually took a good book with me because I’d be in there for a long time.

It’s 3 months after the cleanse now, and I still have a bm every day.

Moreover, I don't take books with me anymore, because I'm usually done within a minute. I squat on the toilet, another thing I've learned from the cleanse, and it just falls out.

During the cleanse I had very little energy. Pretty much the only thing I did was read a bit, and pretty much the only books I read were raw cook books (raw recipe books is perhaps a better term). I felt so clean after seven days that all I wanted to eat was good, clean and raw food. After a while I began to eat cooked food again, but a 100 percent raw diet is still my goal.

Since 1990 after having worked in Italy for 3 months, I've had hemorrhoids, not a lot of blood and pain, very little actually, but still hemorrhoids. These too were gone after the cleanse.

I'm actually ready to do another cleanse.

Best wishes from us for the new year,

Theo and Inge


Cleansing since 12/25/2000

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Tyrone, Age 28
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- HPS Support group... This is a remarkable community!

From:"Tyrone" <> 8 January 2001.

Man, am I ever lucky to be in such a wonderful company of people.

Jos-hua has created a remarkable community. Don't know what I would do without ya'll.



Cleansing since 01/08/2001

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Utaka, Age 34
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- Constipation gone. Daily bowel movements sometimes 2 or 3 a day!

Hi, Jos-hua and friends,

3 weeks after the 7 day wonder cleanse, I still feel light and good even though I have to wake up early.

Jos-hua, thank you for reminding my past problems. I started to have more brown rice (3 servings/a day) than before and have protein (fish and boiled soybean) and salad and fruits.

Plus, I have 2-3 bowel movements. Increasing amounts of rice helps to have bowel movements for me.

Thanks again for your advice. I am planning to start level 2 of 7 day wonder in early January.

Should pre-cleanse be necessary for more than one week if I continue this post-cleanse till end of this year?



Cleansing since 11/11/2000

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Yvonne, Age 49
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony-  I was full of trepidation... but now I feel very good. Full of energy.

Hi Jos-hua; hello everyone:

Well; this is it!

Last Saturday (day 1) I was full of trepidation; and today, seven days later, having only had fruit juice and water [i.e., the fast] and some supplements, [and home colonics daily]; I feel very good ; full of energy; and it also feels, as if in some strange way, it has cleansed my mind.

That sounds melodramatic, but it has helped me with some decisions that I needed to make.

I only did [today] one colenema, and after yesterday's dramatic results; this is not worth mentioning! I feel that this is a good time to end.

The week has gone amazingly quickly; and I have rarely complained to anyone (at home) because others do not know about it.

I have so enjoyed reading all your post; and good luck when you start Peggy Sue. You will do well. Thank you for your advice, Alison; I am sure we will all look rejuvenated.

I will keep in touch; but obviously not as regularly.

All the best to you all.

Love, Yvonne.


Cleansing since 10/20/2000

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Jon, Age 29
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. 
Testimony- ... Day 1... oh my god! I passed at least five pounds of smelly shit already on the first day!

I did my first colenema at 5 am this morning and oh my god! I passed at least five pounds of smelly shit and I feel a more energetic.

There are some unforeseen problems though... I have to do them in my room because my bathroom is too small and my room smells like a damn sewer now and I think I smelled up the whole house.



Cleansing since 01/16/2001

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