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Bonita, Age 31
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony- Evacuating numerous worm like rumpled plastic mucusosy stuff that I was glad was out instead of in.

Hello Cleansing crew!

I have ended day 5 feeling great.

Yesterday during my two dumps I evacuated numerous worm like rumpled plastic mucusosy stuff that I was glad was out instead of in. I am really surprised that I am continuing to drop so much mucus stuff this late in the fast without the benefit of giving the credit to digested or half digested food.

My energy is high and Obie says I was buzzing all day yesterday. 

Its early morning now , just about time to start my much dreaded apple juice concoction. I'm tired of apple juice. I'm at Day 6!! Visions of a delicious multi colored salad with brown rice dance in my head.


Love and Light ,



Cleansing since 01/17/2001

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Bart, Age 45
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony-  I am 30 lbs. lighter... but that is not the reason I did this cleanse.

Hello to everyone!

I completed my first 7 Day Wonder 5 days ago and I still feel great.

I hesitate to mention this because my purpose in doing the cleanse was not to loose weight, but I am 30 lbs. lighter.

20 lbs. came off during the 2 week pre-cleanse... The other 10 lbs. came off during my 10 days of fasting and colenema cleansing.

Maybe my weight will be a measure of how well I am doing from now on. If I put all of that weight back on I'm obviously not eating right.

I went to visit my parents and brother and sister over the weekend and they were all very interested in what I have been doing. We had a good talk and I introduced them all to this program. It's really their fault too.

I did this because my Mother, Brother, and Sister all have diabetes. My mother and brother have glaucoma. My Father has had heart problems and prostate cancer. And I don't want any of it!

I took my wife to lunch at a steak house and had a wonderful salad at their salad bar while I watched everyone else in the restaurant eat un-healthy food.

Jos-hua, there is a lake down there that is heart-shaped and it's named Heart lake.

3 months later... my weight has stayed close to where it was after the first cleanse when I lost 30 pounds! In fact, I've dropped another 5 more since then!

I've just finished reading everyone's posts for the last month. I haven't posted in over a month, but have benefited from you sharing your experiences so I think I owe it to all of you to share mine.

Since my 7 day wonder level 1, in October, things have continued to go well for me. I have continued to eat a very healthy diet and have been looking forward to level 2.

My weight has stayed close to where it was after level 1, although I've dropped another 5 lbs over the past 3 months. The fact that I'm still dropping weight slowly tells me that my body has not reached a level state yet and I've got more cleansing to do.

I had a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. Just not as much as normal and I took it easy on the deserts too. Then I got right into a pre-cleanse.

In early December, after a 7 day pre-cleanse, I did a 6 day wonder that's as far as I could stretch my left-over herbal supplements. I didn't think I was prepared for level 2 so soon and didn't want to be too far out of it by the time I begin my level 2, hopefully in late February.

For those of you on your first 7 day wonder, I have to tell you the second one is much, much, much easier. I followed the same instructions and schedule as I did with level 1 and I didn't have any of the slow motion days (feeling physically drained) that I had before.

I guess after doing it once you know you can do it again.

I was able to do my colenema cleansing in spite of the necessity to work 12 hours + per day and still feel strong. This work schedule is one of the reasons why I haven't been able to keep up with this e-mail forum.

I ate a few Christmas goodies, but didn't over-do it and I kept eating healthy meals of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The cleansing life-style becomes easier to follow too.

I am eating fresh fruit mid-morning, a multi colored salad in the afternoon or evening. I am beginning to enjoy the salads more and more. I didn't like the salads very much to begin with, but last week I worked out of town all week and really enjoyed a big salad for lunch while my co-workers were eating whatever else. I have been trying to keep some home dried fruit around to snack on. This really help keep me from eating the junk that I used to eat in-between meals. I always try to put a fair amount of time in-between the different types of food. Thinking about what I have just eaten and what I will be eating at my next meal helps keep me from spoiling it with wrong combinations of food in-between.

Right now I'm on day two of a mini-fast. I'll eat again tomorrow. This also helps me keep focused on how I want to live.

Hope this has helped some of you.



Cleansing since 01/08/2001

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Layne, Age 38
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony- Headaches gone, skin clearing up, energy strong... I'm wide awake in the mornings, I used to have to drag myself out of bed. Constipation is gone.

Hi Jos-hua, and fellow cleansers,

Overall, I have been feeling much better physically.

I have been eating a lot of Thai recipes and spinach salad and anything vegetable or fruits.

Went over to my parents house the yesterday for Sunday dinner, and I couldn't eat half of the food because it was too starchy or too sweet for my taste.

The other night, had a birthday party for my niece and made one of those Thai Spinach salads. They loved it!

I also told them about my "radical" diet. When it came time for serving the cake and ice cream I ate a pear and enjoyed it.

As for my skin, I still have some sores but they are gradually clearing up and no new ones have formed.

I have not had any headaches like before.

My bowels move better, but they still need some help.

Most of my Pot-gut is gone and the weight has not returned.

I will likely do [7 DAY WONDER] level two after New-Years and keep up the new high veg diet. Thanks for all your posts.

As for my testimonial, please feel free to use it. There is no phony baloney about this program. It works! and I am a strong believer in it.

My skin has cleared up somewhat and I for the most part feel great.

I only need to sleep for 6 hours. I don't drag myself out of bed in the mornings like I used to, but I pop up refreshed and ready for the day.

I am trying to convince my wife to do this and I think she will soon. She is on a precleanse diet and I have been careful about what I eat since I broke the 10 day about 2 weeks ago. This diet has cleared up a case of Epididimitus (swollen testicle gland) that I have had for 2 years. I went to a urologist last year and all he did was the "nutcracker suite" and gave me a prescription that didn't do a thing but constipate me.

This 7 day wonder program is exactly that. After the 7 day (10 day for me), my epidedimitus symptoms completely went away, and I'm not even a 10th as constipated as a was before. Regular BM's. I plan to do another cleanse in January after the holidays.

Thanks for your program.

Love and Light



Cleansing since 10/16/2000


30 Days later... weight lost never came back...

From:"Layne" < laynewilson@yahoo.com > November 8, 2000.

Hi Jos-hua and group,

It has been almost a month since I completed my level 1 7-day wonder cleanse. 

My weight before still has not returned and I still for the most part feel pretty good.

The only bad habit I have is the post Halloween temptations.

I sure noticed a difference after resuming eating the candy. That sugar is poison to the system in large quantities.

For the most part, my diet has been high vegetables based on the Indian, Thai Asian diet with lots of different herbs and spices. If this diet did anything, it made me very aware of what I take into my body and how I feel afterwards. I almost don't miss meat and use it in small quantities. That book "The Tao is Sex, life and longevity" is a great book and there is some great stuff in there.

I plan on doing a level II cleanse sometime after the New Year. In the meantime, I'm looking for more healthy ways to eat and avoiding the "bad for you" food as much as possible.

My skin has cleared up somewhat and my mental "chee" is completely different comparing before and after.

My wife and friends tell me I'm more relaxed and calm. I used to take anti-depressants about 3 years ago. During the 7 day, a lot of the same "drugged" feeling briefly appearing as that stuff was coming out of my cells. I'm sure a few more cleansing will get rid of more of it. My depression is gone.

To Hershed: Jos-hua has this program well organized. I tried doing my own thing before, but my best results were found by following Jos-hua's program to the letter.

Keep us informed of what you are doing and don't deviate from the program, and you will have great results.

Thanks for all your posts and support. Keep in touch

Love and light



Cleansing since 10/16/2000

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Ryszard Age 52
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 3 cleansing.
Testimony- No malaria. In 17 years I've never seen this before. I am ready for Level 3.

Hello Jos-hua!

First-happy New Year to you and all cleansers.

Short reminder... As you probably remember, I did 7DW level I and II already.

I feel very good and energetic.

I do not have any problems with my health and up to now NO malaria. Virtually everybody around me got malaria already. This is FIRST TIME that I don't get malaria since 17 years presence in Africa. Big THANK YOU for the program and your guidance.

Some time ago we did agree to perform level III.

Time for that is coming.

Can you send me by mail items needed?

Do you think that is possible to perform this program during normal work or some days should be free?

Kind regards




Cleansing since 01/17/1999

6 months later... program and support are very good indeed.

From: "Ryszard" <skrzypek@africaonline.com.gh>  Aug 2, 2000.

Dear Jos-hua!

Now additional report. I feel good.

Weight is going up, so I hope to reach again 72 kilograms. (I got 61 after cleansing, that's a drop of 11 kilograms).

Skin eruptions-healing but some of them are nearly in the same stage as 3 days ago or even worse. I hope to finish this during next cleaning. Am I right? Still I want meat but not so much as before. During cleansing time I noticed some positive changes in my body and I have impression that changes are going deeper with time.


         Program and support are very good indeed.

I am looking forward to next step as soon as payment for all could be arranged.

          Kind regards,


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Daibu, Age 26
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony- Much better eating habits because of the HPS 7 Day Wonder cleanse... before I started cleansing I used to eat pretty bad.

Hi all!

Daibu here....

Haven't posted in a while. But today I just felt like sharing with you one of the best things about doing a 7 day wonder cleanse - something that continues to provide benefit long after the cleanse - well at least this is my experience!

Before I started cleansing, I used to eat pretty bad stuff - I mean I was a victim (occasionally) of various fast food joints, and what's more even when I thought I was eating "healthy" I was actually eating food in wrong combinations....  hmmm

Since doing my first cleanse I have definitely got into much better eating habits - and what's more important is that I've naturally gravitated towards this - it feels better, tastes better and I guess my higher conscious is more in touch with my digestive system - and that I guess is one of the (many) key benefits of cleansing.....

Also I've noticed that when I do delve back into old habits - and pig out on some "dead food" (to quote nathan) or badly combined food - I REALLY notice it!!  Its almost as if I've become more sensitive - and when I think of people that can down a pizza and then say drink Iced Coffee at the same time (a sweet milky coffee drink that's popular here in Australia) - and they don't seem to experience any adverse effects - I know know that's because they are, how can I say, not tuned in to what's going on inside themselves.... in fact, from what I understand, such a meal as I just described (especially if the pizza is made from denatured white flour and includes meat topping) is just about one of the worst things you could eat... well enough of my rave re eating habits... so what do you people think? any comments or what about your own experiences?

Bye for now!

Day Who?



Cleansing since 07/06/2000

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Scott, Age 31
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony- The pre-cleansing has been very interesting and quite detoxifying.

Greetings, all, from sunny Durban, South Africa:

Just a quick update. I am day nine of my precleanse.

Should begin the actual fast on Monday. The precleanse has been very interesting, and quite detoxifying in its own right.

I wasn't the picture-perfect pre-cleanser, and I fell off the wagon a few times: smoked some cigarettes, couldn't resist putting salt on my vegetables last night, ghee on my rice a few times... that sort of thing.

For the last four days of the cleanse, however, I am going to try and go by the book. Been eating a lot of seeds and nuts when I feel nibbly, especially pumpkin seeds, dates, sunflower seeds, and raisins. They satisfy that craving for something crunchy and sweet.

I have one question regarding the fast: I am concerned about losing weight during the fast. I am of slight to medium build, and I lost quite a bit of weight while living in Malawi. What can I do to avoid losing weight during the seven-day wonder? Also, what do you think about Aloe Vera juice during the pre and post cleanse?

November 08, 2000.

Cheers, Scott

... I am grateful for the support provided by fellow cleansers.

From:"Scott" < scott@finca.org.za   > November 15, 2000.

Thanks, Jos-hua, for your reply, and especially for sharing the deep insight
of Rinpoche on unfocused simplicity. 

Reminds me of Shunriyo Suzuki's teaching on "Beginner's Mind," 
and Maharishi's insight on "lively innocence." 

So many expressions of the same ancient wisdom. It's wonderful!

Yes, I am deeply grateful for the support provided by fellow cleansers on
this forum. That support feels very important, since there are very few
people anywhere who fully appreciate and support this process.

So far, the fasting is going fine. I have not had inordinate hunger pangs,
except when I am around food. Walking through the street, where I am
assaulted by so many smells, is a torture, so I try to avoid it right now.

I feel quite good...weak, but energetic, managing to get through a full
day's work, though the afternoons are definitely the toughest. Bit of a
sore throat, sniffles, pasty mouth, mildly swollen lymph glands.

The colenemas have been pretty productive - I am dropping about 2/3 of a
colander full each time, usually this elastic brown-grey mucoid creature,
shaped like an intestine and reeking of death itself. I feel deeply
relieved and liberated, though I know it's not over yet. Makes me thing of
that George Clinton refrain: free your mind and your ass will follow. Now,
I realize that it works both ways. Free your ass and your mind will follow.

Also It's been very eye-opening to poke around in it, just facing the
results of prior eating habits and being grateful for the opportunity to
start afresh. Liberation and enlightenment all in one go... what a pleasure!
Also, have already bought the bottled water ... 24 large bottles of it ...
though all I could find was spring water. Hope this is OK.

Based on some stuff I've been reading about cleansing, and some
observations, I think it is quite likely that I am suffering from candida
overgrowth. Unfortunately, I am not so keen on pure, raw vegetable juices,
so I will wait until after the fast to go on an anti-candida regime. If
fruit is out in an anti-candida regime, what should I make for my first post
cleanse-meals? Cooked cabbage? Any suggestions? The book I have read
"Colon Cleansing: the Best Kept Secret" suggests frequent (even daily) lemon
juice enemas for a up to a month. Seems contrary to your advice on the
matter of post cleansing (stop the enemas and get back into the routine of
normal elimination) which is quite clear and sensible.

Starting my course on yogic flying tonight... ideally, I was hoping to finish
the cleanse first, before starting the class, but I'll have no choice but to
attend four sessions over the next five days. We'll be in training for
another two weeks after that, and then go on retreat in the mountains for
two weeks to practice take-off and landing!




Cleansing since 10/16/2000

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Alison, Age 41
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony- I especially enjoyed your audio clips which helped put me at ease.

Hello Jos-hua, hi everyone,

I know I said I would quit yesterday, but thought I would give it a final day today.

Just done my coffee cleanse this morning, still getting results, but certainly a lot less than before. I am feeling what can only be described as "perky" and I know that when you feel this good it really is time to call it a day. I will be breaking my fast tomorrow morning and then commence my pre-cleanse routine.

I hope that all other present cleansers are having good results and that they feel that they are benefiting from the programme - I know I feel that I have.

For any others just watching at the moment who have not tried this before I can only recommend that you seize the moment and go for it.

I am happy to vouch for the program. I have found it very positive, the instructions good and especially enjoyed your audio clips which helped put me at ease and make it all sound very natural and not in the least bit scary!

Regards to all,

Love, Alison


Cleansing since 10/13/2000

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Chuck_B, Age 48
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 2 cleansing.
Testimony- At 48 I have found the fountain of youth

I believe this to be the most comprehensive program for cleansing, detoxification, inner-healing and eradication of disease that me or anyone else could embark on. 

At 48 I have found the fountain of youth and the beauty of it is HPS gives me control of my own destiny. 

My weight is holding at a 15 pound loss
I am wearing pants I could not wear for 5 years. 
My energy level has increased so that I have returned to the gym and my exercise programs.

And again my mind is so sharp I'm remembering phone #s and see a daily difference at work because my mind is so sharp. 

I really can't say enough about how wonderful this program is. I can't wait to move to deeper levels of cleansing. Thank You again Jos-hua and God Bless All.
Feel free to contact me at cboulet@bak.rr.com


Cleansing since 07/18/2001

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Jeffery_B, Age 38
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony-  I don't have any allergy symptoms even though we've had the worst pollen in years!

This Was Just What I Was Looking For! 

My health has been O.K., but over the last few years I had acquired an anal fissure that kept filling up w/puss and leaking (embarrassing & uncomfortable) and rectal leakage. Also, my bowel movements became stringy & irregular. I also started to get burning stomach pains w/painful cramping.

I had cancer when I was 29 (Malignant Melanoma) and was lucky enough to catch it early. Once Melanoma spreads, there is no cure. And, I was told that even though the cancer hadn't spread, the only way to tell if I was "cured" or not would be if I lived over 5 years. 

Hello...that will get your attention. 

I had a two year old at the time and wasn't sure if I'd live to see his 7th birthday. I'm still alive 9 years later, thank goodness!

So anyway, based on my previous history w/cancer and bowel symptoms, my imagination began to get the best of me & I was ready to go to the doctor (any doctor) and have a complete medical work up done. Almost 40 and hearing about colon cancer and how preventable it is had me convinced that I needed a colonoscopy & a bunch of other tests to make sure I didn't have cancer.

My Dilemma...I hate doctors/hospitals and most of all medical bills. I have a family, mortgage and a myriad of other bills just like the rest of Americans. And I had already gone to one doctor about my fissure & he told me not to worry about it and kind of laughed it off (so to speak).

I didn't know whom to turn too. The phone book is filled w/pages of specialists. Then I ran across the benefits of fasting...then I found HPS-On line!!!

WOW...Just what I was looking for. I have been taking supplements, drinking water & working out regularly for years. But, I still didn't feel "good". This program lets you take control of your health in the privacy of your own home.

It is so liberating to be able to take control of your health and KNOW that what your doing works. Getting rid of year’s worth of encrusted, foul, mucus and undigested food helping to clean out your bowels so that your system can actually absorb the minerals & nutrients necessary to help you regain your health.

I lost about 4-5lbs of CRAP from my gut and about 13lbs total. I just finished the Level I program about a week ago. My eyes are clearer and I don't have any allergy symptoms even though we've had the worst pollen in years!

This program is awesome. I'm glad I found it and I have already implemented many of the guidelines for eating for my family. And I can tell already that we are all healthier for it. I feel as though the things I've learned will help me live longer, healthier and happier. And, I'll be able to spend my money on important things for my family and our future and not help to pay some doctor's mortgage/boat/condo payment!

Thanks Jos-hua and HPS!!! You've changed my (our) live(s)!!!


Cleansing since 01/18/2003

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

Claudette_P, Age 50
7 Day Wonder online guided cleanse. Level 1 cleansing.
Testimony-  The Future: Dignity or Diapers? 

Dear Jos-hua and Cleansing Friends:

For days I have been trying to write my testimonial. It has been difficult. 

Part of the benefit from my cleansing has been greater emotional awareness (including grieving), and a new loving kindness to myself. I had been numb for a very long time. Years.

Why did I cleanse? In part, because my mother died last June. She had MANY health challenges. I was blessed to be able to have her come live with us, and I was able to care for her.

Sadly, she soon became helpless: too weak to use the bathroom, or even a bedpan. Toward the end, when she was hospitalized, she became hopeless, she would have to wait for the staff to change her diapers. Within a few weeks, she faded away.

Perhaps I am just naive, but I felt I knew when her death was immanent, based on what was coming out of her body. It seemed deathly.

I wanted to honor my mother by making a personal decision to take charge of my life, and set different causes and conditions. It has been very empowering and I believe she would be encouraging and supportive, as well. 

There are probably quite a few people, out there, that think this cleansing deal would be just too "unrefined" to even consider ....(it took me a little while to shift gears)

Well, I had to consider, for me, what it would be like (possibly, in the future), to be bedridden or incontinent; to have strangers or close family members "assist" me with diapers and such. Where would my cool, classy, refined self be then?

I opted to gather more information and research, rather than dismiss prior to investigation. 

The HPS concept was at first shocking! (Not me, I don't have any of that in me!) Like a whack on the head. (But what if....?).

So, what was there to lose? I soon found out that the program is easy and simple to follow - Jos-hua put together everything and all I needed for success was to follow directions.

Hunger was not a problem! (yes, it surprised me too!), The little pencil tube for "the flushing" was NO BIG DEAL! The crap WAS there in me too; it fell out, it stunk and I gagged, but it felt great to flush it all away.

Would I/will I do it again? You better believe it, I'm in for the long haul. It is perfect sense preventative maintenance and excellent personal hygiene. The numerous benefits have been dramatic--looking better, feeling energetic, mental clarity, alert, creative, proactive!! What's very cool, is that I know there are many more long term positive health benefits if I keep following the program.

Last, it is nearly impossible to describe what it has been like to be a part of "the group". I had mentioned early-on that it seemed odd that this incredible bonding with fellow cleansers was taking place and I feel David T really nailed it:

There are few places where people are willing in our society to let it all hang out. The good, the bad and the ugly! Letting people see you without pretenses is what intimacy is all about. I think that some people have been able to share in this group in a way that they are not even yet able to share with the loved ones in their life. That in fact, the sharing done here paves the way for more closeness and intimacy in their homes.

Jos-hua and friends, I love you all and appreciate your caring and concern through-out. You have generously gifted me and mentored me.

In loving respect,



Cleansing since 01/29/2003  

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2007-2013 testimonials at our forums

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