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HPS Lifestyle Quiz

What does this HPS quiz do for you?

1) This quiz clearly and fairly indicates "if your lifestyle is contributing to ascending good health (as you age), or not?

2) In the score board at the lower right you will find some recommendations and explanations. Please investigate, explore, and test them.

3) This quiz gives you a good gauge to see if your lifestyle changes actually translate into long-term health and longevity benefits.

Do please come back again in a few months and quiz again. Should we remind you? If so, click here.

We hope you see some improvements in your health by following some practices in this website. Better yet, get hold of Daniel Reids book, The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity. Make your connection- soon.

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Down You might not make it to all 50 sections of this web site today. Instruct our Dot.Com support team to remind you by email to visit us again in 65 days. Join us again! Meanwhile adopt a practice to do from this web site. YES.

HPS Lifestyle Quiz

Question: Does your present way of living, lifestyle, knowledge and health care skills contribute to ascending good health, skyrocketing energy and longevity?

Answer: Yes, No?

The higher you score on the below quiz, NO.
The lower you score. YES.

It shouldn't take more then 30 seconds to complete.

Good luck!

1. Are you a current or former smoker?

2. Do you work or socialize around smokers?

3. Do you eat much meat?

4. Do you eat many dairy products?

5. Do you have less than one bowel movement per day?

6. Are you presently on heavy medications or drugs (legal or illegal)?

7. Do you not exercise regularly?

8. Are you more than 20 pounds overweight?

9. Do you drive in congested traffic, or live near air pollution?

10. Do you drink less than three glasses of water daily?

11. Do you eat less than one serving of fresh fruit and one serving of fresh vegetables (salad, steamed vegetables, sprouts, etc.) daily?

12. Do you work in an industrial environment with a lot of chemicals?

13. Do you take laxatives?

14. Does your family have a history of short life span?

15. Do you have mucus problems?
(stuffy nose, sinus congestion, allergies, etc.)

16. Do you have bad body odor when not using deodorant?

17. Do you have "bad breath"?

18. Do you get sick easily.

19. Do you have any major illness?

20. Do you have any chronic illnesses.

Score =

Learn here about lifestyle.

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Let HPS manage the complexities of good health, with you for you.



What does your score mean?

Please take note: the recommendations and links you find below are sections/ practices/ protocols from the HPS 7DW guided cleansing programs.

It's not a case of doing/ implementing/ trying one thing or the other, but rather a comprehensive total approach is needed if one is to attain and learn how to sustain vigorous energetic youthful health.

In short, a path must be walked.

Great health according to our HPS understanding isn't about any diet, exercise, herbal supplement or book but rather it's about practicing cleansing, practicing healing and practicing rejuvenation.

Year in and year out you should be practicing rejuvenation; a practice that should continue for a lifetime just like visiting a dentist once or twice a year is a practice you presently engage in and see benefits from.

With that said, lets together evaluate your score...

60%-100% score: means toxins are accumulating in your body at an excessive and accelerated pace.

You must obviously be experiencing the negative effects of this accumulation both in your physical, mental and emotional performance. Probably too in your sexual performance.

You are in the Red Zone about to score a touchdown...

It's either a place in a hospital, or a lifetime of medications, doctor visits, lab tests, anxiety and suffering.

The costs to treat your health might alone kill you.

Doctor bills, lab tests, insurance costs, medications, hospitalization, surgery aren't cheap.

You've probably had quite a few doses of antibiotics over the last few years so please read about the consequences of that.

But changing lifestyle isn't enough at this stage.

And adopting one healing therapy or another, one modality or another also isn't enough.

Thinking you you'll eat more veggies or more fruit, or exercise more, those kind of adjustments are just that, adjustments.

They are geared to supplement and help maintain good health... but they don't create good health.

The way to create good health is to clean up and clean out properly.


You need to get all this morbid toxic waste out of your system and you need to learn how to prevent it from coming back.

Your health has moved from the acute to the chronic stage. If you haven't recognized that, we hope this quiz gets the ball moving. It's just a question of time before you will need to be taking medications for a lifetime. And with that comes pain and suffering, for a lifetime.

This is a wake up call friend.

Hello. Anybody home?

Click here to fix your score. Wake up before it becomes too late. The early bird always profits.

You could easily be doing a whole lot more to take control of your health, and your life.

Hopefully you will find inspiration to do so from this HPS-ONLINE website. At the least read the theory.

40%-60% score: means that you are leading a lifestyle that does NOT contribute to ascending good health. And that is dangerous!

You can benefit immediately by changing some of your old habits and patterns. In fact, in our opinion you shouldn't wait another day!

Check the food combining information, the colon cleansing and fasting overviews, and the longevity guidelines sections to understand what we mean by "lifestyle that does not contribute to vibrant health.

Know, your health problems are transforming themselves right now, this year, from the acute state into a chronic state of bad health.

Learn here how to improve your immunity. That will serve you well, especially in the next few years.

Start some HPS guided cleansing today. Immediately.

Is it worth the investment?

Seems so. We did a poll in 2005. Check it out, see what percent felt the investment was worth it, and why.

15%-40% score: means that you have quite a few health issues on your plate that haven't yet come to a boiling point, to the meltdown point, but you are approaching it.

And that means the dependent origination effect is coming into play soon... seemingly unrelated health problems will be popping up continuously year in and year out... but in fact, for those who have an understanding of how the human body functions, they know, nothing is unrelated, everything is interdependent.

Quite a few of the seemingly 'minor' health problems you are experiencing these last few years should be taken care of NOW before they develop into serious chronic problems and before they contribute to other problems arising... in health care there is a "Lego effect", one thing off, puts the whole system in distress, and before you know it, another thing, another new problem manifest, seemingly unrelated to the first problem.

You could be doing a whole lot more to improve your health today- both physically. mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Bring your score down to the 5-15% range, that is where most HPS cleansers are!

Learn more about colon cleansing. Learn more about fasting.

Juicing, fasting, home colonics and colon cleansing combined should be put on your agenda. Now is the time for you to acquire the skills, knowledge and practices.

You saw already from the sample pictures of what's lurking in your colon and small intestines, bloodstream and arteries. Lets work together on removing it.

Don't be fooled, just because you're not laid up yet in a hospital bed doesn't mean that you shouldn't deal in a serious manner with your health and future health prospect TODAY.

Your toxicity rating in this quiz shows that you are at a crossroad...  Invest in your health and in yourself today before things deteriorate to the point of no return.

A score of 15% or below: means that you are aware, conscious and mindful of the fact that your health is your own responsibility.

You are a Wholistic person.

We congratulate you. We salute you! And we cheer you to continue with what you are doing for your health.

May you be blessed in all your activities, and may you continue to find happiness, great health and an abundance of positive energy, love and light.


Please take note of the below. It's wisdom from a long time ago.


Before an omen arises, 
it's easy to take preventive measures.
What is still soft is easily melted;
What is still small is easily scattered.
Deal with things in their formative state;
Put things in order before they grow confused.

[Tao Teh Ching]


Check here before continuing
anywhere else. Cognate this today.

Get empowered. Strong immunity helps.
Take preventative action...already today.

Correct answers:



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