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  Practical tools: the four attainments
Tao Sexual Yoga.    

Practical tools: the four attainments

Foreplay, the Four Attainments, the Five signs, the Five Desires, the Ten Indications and the Five Virtues.

The Yellow Emperor's chief advisors on sexual affairs were all good Taoists, so they did not rely entirely on clever words and philosophical arguments to illustrate the Way. They peppered their dialogs with all sorts of practical guidelines and concrete instructions They taught the Yellow Emperor how to observe his partner's responses, how to approach the 'flowery battlefield' and how to engage in the 'combat' of sexual intercourse.

The Plain Girl and the rest of the Emperors Taoist retinue introduced their most important  practical instructions under the headings of Foreplay, the Four Attainments, the Five Signs, the Five Desires, the Ten Indications and the Five Virtues. These serve as signposts along the winding road to woman's orgasm, and every man should learn to read them.


Foreplay is a primary preventative measure against the common problems of insufficient female lubrication and insufficient male erection prior to intercourse. The Plain Girl explains the lubrication of the vagina and engorgement of the penis before the two organs meet directly is the first fundamental sign of the interplay of Ying and Yang. Foreplay also primes the body's energy system for the intense stimulation of sexual intercourse. In Taoist parlance, foreplay helps to bring the 'water' to a boil while keeping the 'fire' burning slowly.

Foreplay should commence a the body extremities, not at the genitals. Start by massaging the hands and wrists, feet and ankles, and working your way up the arms and shoulders to the chest and up the legs and thighs to the abdomen and waist. Learn the routs of the major energy meridians and the locations of their most sensitive vital points. Massaging these points is highly stimulating and generates a lot of energy. Under the influence of sexual excitement, this energy travels along the meridian network to the sexual organs. For a woman, deep finger pressure on the point called 'Triple Yin Intersection' (San-yin-jiao), located just behind the shin bone about three inches up from the inner ankle bone is particularly effective in arousing sexual energy. The lower back, spine and inside the surfaces of arms and legs are sensitive erogenous energy zones on both men and women.


The Four Attainments

The Four Attainments refer to the four fundamental conditions that the male organ must attain during foreplay before it is 'qualified' to enter the Jade Gate for intercourse. On this subject, the Mysterious Girl dispenses some of her frankest and most useful advice to men;

Mysterious Girl: A male who desires intercourse must first pass through four stages of attainment: elongation, swelling, hardness, and heat.

Yellow Emperor: What do these attainments mean?

Mysterious Girl: If the stalk does not attain sufficient elongation, the man's vital energy is too depleted for the act. If he attains elongation but little swelling, this means that his muscular energy is insufficient for the task. If he achieves swelling but not hardness, it means that his joints and tendons are too weak for the act. If the organ gets hard but not hot, then his spirit is insufficient for the act.

In order to prepare properly for sexual intercourse, you must first harmonize your muscles and bones with your energy and your spirit.

You must exercise self-discipline, follow the basic principles of Tao, and never waste your semen carelessly.

In a further guideline to male arousal, the Mysterious Girl informs us that 'The feet and toes can influence male sexual potency.' In other words, vigorous massage of a man's feet and toes will assist him in attaining the four conditions of erection by stimulating energy to travel to the associated organs through the meridian network. The liver, which controls and releases the extra supplies of blood require to engorge the penis, is directly stimulated by foot massage.

Therefore regular stretching, massaging, flexing and acupressure of the feet and toes, when adopted as a daily exercise, help promote and maintain overall male sexual vitality.

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