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  Chinese sexual glossary
Tao Sexual Yoga.

Chinese sexual glossary- terms from the Jade bedroom
Western readers with a taste for florid imagery and an aesthetic attitude towards sex may well wish to adopt the English equivalents of these terms when discussing sex with their paramours.

Listed below, in alphabetical order of their technical meanings, are some of the most charming Chinese terms from the Jade bedroom.

"The arts of the bedroom constitute the climax of human emotions and encompass the totality of Tao. Therefore, the ancient sages regulated man's external pleasures in order to control his inner passions, and they made detailed rules and terms governing sexual intercourse. If a man regulates his sexual pleasure, he will feel at peace and attain longevity. If, however, a man abandons himself to sexual pleasure without regard for the rules set forth in the ancient texts, he will soon fall ill and gravely injure himself."

[Dynastic History of Later Han]


Technical meaning

Literal translation

Cervix Inner Gate, Jade Terrace, Precious Pearl, Seed, Yin Bean
Clitoris (frenulum of) Lute strings
Clitoris (prepuce of) Divine Field
Cunnilingus Sipping the Vast Spring
Fellatio Blowing the Flute
Intercourse Clouds and Rain, Firing the Cannon, Friendly Relations
Homosexual sex (female) Rubbing Mirrors
Homosexual sex (male) Splitting the Peach, Dragon Yang Relations
Labia minor Wheat Buds, Red Pearls
Mound of Venus (mon veneris) Sedge Hill
Orgasm (female) High Tide, Tide of Yin
Orgasm (male) Lose Essence, Leak, Surrender, Die
Penis Jade Stem, Jade Implement, Yang Peak, Yang Weapon, Turtle Head, The Ambassador
Penis (erect) Arisen, Angry
Penis (flacid) Dead
Urethral orifice (female) Vast Spring
Urethral orifice (male) Gate of Life and Death
Vagina (orifice) Jade Gate, Jade Door, Cinnabar Cave, Child Gate, One Inch Square
Vagina (lower vestibule) Little Stream
Vagina (middle) Deep Valley, Hing Place, Path of Yin
Vagina (upper) Celestial Palace, Valley of Solitude
Vulva (upper) Golden Gully
Vulva (lower) Jade Vein
Uterus Child Palace, North Pole, Vermillion Chamber

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