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Urine fasting

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Fasting with urine

Fasting itself is a very powerful cleansing method for dealing with disease and health problems. The combination of urine and fasting is even more potent, thus this practice should be approached slowly and in the following stages:

  1. Preparation for fasting in which one accustoms oneself to urine and feels ready to take on a fast with it.

  2. Pre-fast. One should set aside a week or two before actually starting a fast and cut down on the amount of protein and heavy foods, especially fired and greasy foods. Fruit and plenty of raw vegetables help to clear out the bowel and make the commencement of the actual fast smooth and controlled. This pre-fast diet also assists in re-balancing the alkaline/acid balance of the body, slowly alkalizing the blood and tissues. The amount of urine being drunk during this period may also be increased.

  3. Actual fast is drinking only urine and water- no other food or liquid should be taken. During the fast no work should be undertaken, as complete rest allows the cleansing processes to go on unhindered.

Starting from the early morning, the midstream should be collected and drunk. Then pure, clean water should be alternated with the urine. Once the fast is under way and urine is being passed frequently, every drop may be drunk as the urine is coming very quickly.

The last flow of the day should be discarded so that uninterrupted sleep and rest can follow, allowing the body repair process to act.

If at any stage nausea occurs, then the practitioner should stop the practice for a short while until the nausea goes and then start again.

The duration of the fast depends on the type of illness being treated. Some enthusiasts report that it may be necessary to continue the fast for weeks under supervision in order to achieve the desired results. They claim that amaroli stops all hunger problems normally associated with fasting, and attribute this factor to alkalinity of the urine being passed. Presumably, this has some effect on the brain centers associated with hunger and satiation. A minimum of two days is recommended, and a maximum of one week without supervision.

During the fast both therapist and practitioner must keep an eye out to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. Under a trained eye all the bumps associated with cleansing, such as the 'healing crisis' mentioned, can be evened out and should cause no disruption to the process. However, a certain degree of common sense should be used so as to avoid extremes. It is better to use several short fasts over longer periods than a long fast that is too strenuous. Massage with boiled or old urine during the fast is highly recommended by most writers.

4. Post fast stage requires great care in re-establishing a normal and natural diet. For at least one week one must be very careful, gradually readjusting and controlling all negative habits and all aspects of diet.

The best way to break a fast is to stop all urine and water intake, preferable at the time of the evening meal. One hour after, a glass of lemon, or black grape juice, or the broth from boiled mung beans with a little salt should be drunk. At noon the next day, date or grape juice, or any of the above alternatives, can again be taken. That night papaya and other juicy fruit should be eaten.

By the third day, lentil soup or thin kichari (boiled rice and lentils) can be taken, and in the evening boiled vegetables and rice, or again kichari. In this way you should proceed to re-establish your normal diet, minus the old habits.

It is highly advisable once you conclude your fast to ingest everyday for at least one month, before every meal, MICRO FLORA in order to reestablish correct flora balance in the digestive tract.


Alternative fast

If the complete urine and water fast is too strenuous, then the one meal per day fast is a good alternative. This regime utilized the same basic rules as in the full fast, but there are the following differences:

1. A light meal consisting of rice with boiled vegetables, or some raw vegetables, can be taken, preferably between five and six p.m..

2. One hour before and one hour after the meal, no urine water, or any other liquid or solid food should be taken. Then amaroli can commence.

This regime can go on for long periods, especially in the treatment of de-habilitating diseases.

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