In this website we sell one thing only.

An online guided interactive alternative health care program that revolves around cleansing and rejuvenation actions. Your actions.

Online since 1996. Available since 1994.


This is a hands-on program. Your hands.


Our HPS health cleansing program starts off with seven days of detox cleansing combining bowel cleansing with home colonics, plus juicing and therapeutic fasting.

That's how we set the stage for genuine healing, rejuvenation and prevention to be enacted.

A thorough 'old-school' cleaning out. Tried, tested and proven.

The rest of this website is free. But the guidance and program aren't.


This is not a detoxification supplement, or a technology, or a device, or a diet.

Nor an exercise routine.


If you are looking for products to improve your health you might want to partially rethink that proposition. Maybe change gears.

Be looking instead for a guided program- for actions to be taken, for personal responsibility, for individualized guidance, for group support, for knowledge and wisdom.

Here at HPS-online we tie it all together for you in one easy proven program, under one roof, done at your convenience and pace, in your comfort zone, in your home.


Hundreds of rave reviews at our online forum.






  It's as simple as seven days, as in
a 7 Day Wonder


You're ready for this... your body can immediately BEGIN, already today.


UPGRADE your whole system!

Turbo healing, rejuvenation and prevention starts in a clean bowel coupled with a purified bloodstream.

Vibrant health means less doctor visits and less Rx which means more money in your pocket. Plus better energy, better looks, better weight and a better immune system! It's this simple.


Detox fasting.
Colon cleansing.
Home colonics.
Fruit juicing.


An HPS 7 Day Wonder® affords your body the capacity of a sustainable healthier immune system at very little extra costs.


This website details many sections in the 7 Day Wonder cleansing and rejuvenation program.


HPS® your body right NOW already in the 2015-2016 years. Save big! Big.


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